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    I am a IS/IT Consultant and my wife is a Homemaker
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    Information Systems Senior Consultant
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    The Watkins Spectacular is a new concept for 2010. Every year for the past 5 years that my wife and I have been married we have decorated the home for christmas. In 2010 we will introduce our first animated display. This display will be significantly larger in terms of actual bulbs. Our current 2009 display runs at 15,000 static lights (65% LED) and our 2010 display will include 144 channels (LOR) and 60,000 bulbs (80% LED).
  1. For those still wanting Got RGB? floods keep tabs on the website over the next 7 days for flash sales of soon to be in stock units. http://www.GotRGB.com/Products.html For those of you who ordered the Got RGB? Floods, They are on their way to the Got RGB Warehouse! The factory was running a few days behind and just shipped them all out. We'll be testing each one upon arrival and ensuring they meet our standards. Your shipping invoices will start to be sent out over the next few days as we anticipate the arrival of the floods. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] For Photos of the floods being produced, see our Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/GotRGB Thanks!
  2. Thanks Dave! We are working on an even better video that will show off some of our competitors models against ours, as well as video 360 that shows off the flood's nice paint job and those cool RJ45 Jacks! Thanks again! Nick Got RGB?
  3. Here's the direct link to the 10w vs 30w comparison... http://youtu.be/D52SAx1itaE
  4. WE HAVE A VIDEO! Comparison video, LED Specifications, Connection Diagram, and More now available at www.GotRGB.com. This should answer all questions in this thread. These lights connect via DMX, and the connection diagram available here gives some examples. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us [email protected]
  5. For the comparison between the 10W & 30W models, check out www.youtube.com/LightsForRiley and look at the Amazing Grace or Party Rock videos. The floods under the porch and on the fence are 10W models and the one on the side of the house (next to the Mega Tree) is a 30W model. All in all for that display we used 7 10W & 2 30 W Models. You can only see 6 of the 10W & 1 of the 30W in the video (the others are on the opposite side of the house). We will be posting a video very soon that shows the light output difference and the difference in varying distances from the lit object. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email [email protected] or post here. Thanks!
  6. We've had these floods custom built to be of the highest quality available. They are different in so many ways, from the standard models all the Chinese vendors have. Take a look at the data sheet and you'll see RJ45 CAT5e Connectors (X2 (1 In/1 Out) a built in 120V-12V Constant Current Power Supply as well as a built in DMX512 Constant Current Decoder/Controller. The Pre-Sale runs today through July 15, for all those interested. If you have any questions, see our posts on the Pixel Facebook Group or email us [email protected] www.gotrgb.com/Products.html
  7. fasteddy, incorrect. Last year I received a complete list, this year will be the same. A Complete list of the entire group. Everyone should send Everyone a Card! Tis the Season, after all!
  8. I'll Take this up this year. Thanks Dale W for doing it last year. Email me your name and address. [email protected] I will prepare the list in word and pdf it for labels- NOTE - I'd like to do the Christmas Card Exchange a little differently this year in that I would like to include users from the following groups: Light-O-Rama Forums Facebook User Group Light-O-Rama Users Facebook User Group Extreme Pixels & LEDS If you have another group that you'd like to add to the list to get a MEGA-Christmas Card Exchange going, let me know! Everybody that wants to participate should reply below. For privacy, email me ([email protected]) your: Name email address that works with attachments Username: Mailing address: Are you okay with being on the MEGA List? I'll post this to the other groups mentioned above and Merry Christmas!! Nick Watkins Lights For Riley
  9. Here's what I'm looking for... Can anyone identify the original? Thanks, Nick
  10. The world has lost a technology genius, and if you ask me "the" technology genius. Steve Jobs was an amazing individual and provided us all with the amazing "i" products and inspiration to move forward into the tablet computing age. I had the absolute honor of working with Apple and Steve a couple of years ago and I'll never forget it. If not for Steve, Windows/MAC and quite possibly even LOR, wouldn't exist. So Thank You Steve, and RIP Mac's Dad. Steve Jobs - 1955 - 2011 Official Statement from Apple Computer Corporation: Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jobs Family and Apple this evening. God Bless You. Nick Watkins Lights For Riley
  11. Well I posted this a while back and it seems the first of the models of my custom designed Twig Tree have been produced. I've ordered 10 of the Trees and will report back with more pictures once I've received them and have them wrapped in lights. For now here is a snapshot of the single tree and the 10 trees. The trees I've ordered are going to cost me initially more (due to shipping), but should others like these trees...I may start selling them. As of now I'm paying roughly $50 per tree after shipping. This should go down as my cost per tree is $15.00, shipping is the killer. These 10 are being shipped International Air so that explains the nearly $300 shipping cost. If I were to have orders on 100 or more trees I can start getting shipping rates much lower than $35.00 per Tree. Let me know what you think... Nick
  12. LOL That's great. My wife told me if I buy one more clear light, a single bulb more, she's going to strangle me... What's she gonna do when she finds out I still need a case of clear C7 bulbs, lol I need the Green. I also need Red, but Walmart should have those soon if nothing else. @Bill V - Have you noticed the Red color fades quickly on Wal-Mart strands as others have mentioned? I'm not seeing that after year 1. Nick
  13. You know with all these posts about Indiana, Judy should make it an Indiana Tour, lol. Judy; We'd be honored to have you at Lights For Riley in (drumroll.............) Wabash, Indiana! We'll be showcasing 100,000 Lights this year. www.LightsForRiley.com Thanks, Nick Watkins
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