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  1. sorry but I should have stated initially that these are assembled cards from the vendor. I have not tested them or tried to power them on. I bought them assembled and have not done anything further with them. Thanks! The power supply also is from the same vendor and states that it should be sufficient to power all 5 vdrive/flood combos.
  2. Hello. I planned on expanding my display this year with the vflood's but after a lot of looking, staring, emailing, etc, It's just more than I want to get into. I thought I could jump more into the DIY projects but having to worry about the remote PS, connections, mounting, etc, is just above and beyond for me. SO, here's what I'm selling as a package (I really don't want to piece these out). This is what I have 5 VFlood/V Drive combos 5 core white waterproof pigtails 1 12VDC/120WPS power supply 1 XLS connector new in package from mouser. These are all brand new and never used. y
  3. I sent mine back 3 weeks ago and have not heard a thing. USPS tracking said they were delivered but no word from anyone else.
  4. I have the same question. How easy is it to integrate the SSL programmed sequences into LOR to blend with all the other lights that are programmed?
  5. I made a fairly intensive one minute loop on LOR with fade up from zero to 100, fade down 100 to zero, twinkle, shimmer, and on/off cycles at 100%. I hooked up 2 of the M5's, 2 C6 and the 5 bulb c9 retro stringer I had. Within the first 4 minutes, half of the green c6 string got that near failure twinkle to it and half the red c6 went out. I hit them with the tester again and they made it another hour without anything happening (I only had it on for about an hour). The M5 strings were great until about 45 minutes in. At that point, 1/2 of one of the strings went out. another blast with t
  6. here's a link to the video clip. The third string is the one that I just couldn't get to work again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu1EJcYHGRY
  7. I have tested more and it fixed those too, except that one string that had a full string failure. I cannot get it to work at all. I was wrong on the model number of my tester. I took the number off CDB's current website, but the one I have is SF-102. It looks identical to the current one they are selling though. I made a small video and uploading it to youtube now if you want to see it. Once it's up I'll post a link so you can see what it did. My next step it to create a looping track in LOR and run these with a fade/twinkle/shimmer/step sequence for several hours to see if this
  8. Hi All. I have to post this to get some thoughts from the people who actually know whats going on. Tonight I made an interesting "discovery" that my or may not have been posted before. I was putting away my lights for the season and replacing bad bulbs on the old mini light strands. I was using the light tester I bought from Christmas Done Bright (LT990), which is "NOT" for LED's to find the bad mini bulbs in the strands. This year I began a large switch to LED's and also added an LED megatree and leaping arches. With this, I had quite a few M5, C6 and retro C9 bulbs/stringers fail. I h
  9. I posted this in another thread but my problem (so far) is not with the stringers, it's with the c9 LED retros! 245 bulbs, 10 DOA and now a total of 17 more failed within the first week. hope, hope, hope these replacements show up quick!
  10. I really had bad luck with these. This was my first year replacing my icicle lights with the C9 retro led's which were all white. out of 245 bulbs, I had 10 DOA and another 11 fail the first night. I went out tonight and discovered that I have 6 more failures!! It's a bit of a pain to have to climb up and keep replacing these things. so 245 bulbs, 27 failures. and it's not even through the first week yet! anyone else have these problems???
  11. I use the tester sold by christmas done bright. I know you can find it other places too. BUT, this doesn't work for LED's. For regular minis, it works GREAT. I really like it. Push the button and the bad bulb makes a buzzing sound so you don't have to hunt all over for the broken one. I use the light keeper also but mostly just when one goes out on the display and I don't want to haul the box outside. here's a link. http://www.christmasdonebright.com/lighted-displays/lights-accessories/light-tester
  12. I must admit that although I am one of the lucky ones who got all of their order after several emails, I realized I needed more lights for my mega tree. After what it took to get my stuff so far, I just couldn't dare deal with it again and I went with a "Creative" solution this time. I have to tell you that it was SOOO nice to be able to email a vendor and get an answer within HOURS, not days or weeks. Then, I almost fell on the floor when I called the 800 number to place the order and check status of stock and someone at 9am actually answered the phone, took my order, and had a tracking nu
  13. thanks for all the replies. I actually have one of those kill-a-watt devices and it is priceless!! My longest length will only be about 50' so based on all your info, it seems I should be fine. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Hi all. I'm replacing my icicle lights this year with retro C9 led's. I know LED's can have very long runs, but is there a length that the C9 style led's should be under? I'm using the pre-made c9 spt spool string with 6" spacing. I just don't want to make a run longer than should be safely done. Thanks for any help.
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