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    Lexington, SC
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    I am a medical professional who has been in nursing for 26 years. I have a passion for all things antique! I have my MBA, also. I recently acquired my PhD in Business from USC Moore School of Business.
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    Antiqueing, Flickr, reading, vintage Christmas collecting
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    Hospital Development Coordinator for a non-profit organization teaching organ/tissue/eye donation.
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    I have a huge amount of Matchless Stars, treetoppers, bubble lights, cellophane wreaths, Noma centerpieces, halo candoliers, bubble light candoliers and many other vintage items.

    I have a huge collection of vintage Christmas brochures/catalogs. I sell the CD on eBay and there is a total of 41 + an interesting article from the December 1953 Business week magazine interview with Noma Lites’ President Joseph Ward.

    This project was not a project intended to make any money; it is a compilation of brochures/catalogs/decorating guides I purchased and scanned. Through the generosity of several other collectors, I’ve been able to expand the amount of catalogs offered. With the cost of the CD, the CD labels, bubble envelopes, paper, shipping, eBay listing fees, eBay selling fees, Pay Pal fees and the actual cost of the catalogs themselves, we are not making any actual money selling this item; it is merely my gift to fellow collectors everywhere!
  1. I just tested the yahoo addres and it is working, Brad!
  2. Hi Brad: Not sure why it came back undeliverable. It is [email protected] The blowmold Santa is the one with the "Wish List"! Mark
  3. Thanks, Lori!! I took your advice and threw caution to the wind. I still sell the CD on eBay. I normally get busy teaching classes in the spring up until Thanksgiving and haven't had a lot of time to do much except eBay and Flickr. I teach nurses, physicians, etc., on how to identify organ/tissue/eye donors. I work for LifePoint, SC's Organ Procurement Organization. Have a great weekend, Everybody! Mark
  4. Hi Jen: I'm still here, I just don't have much time to surf the "net" these days. I've been working on my collection and selling the CDs for a while now. Sometimes I don't renew the listing on eBay and I get messages from other collectors asking me to sell the CD, so I re-list it. @Brad: I have a Union Blowmold Santa 42" I won't be using this year and was going to ask you if you would like to have it. E-mail me at [email protected] I have also written a procedure for replacing bubble lights. Mel Fischer and I have know each other via the Internet for quite some time now.
  5. Brad: I have precious few blow-molds. I have a Union Santa and two giant Poloron candles fro 1968. I have several vinylite plaques. I have a lot of vintage lighting, though!
  6. Tory: This has always been a "buy-it-now" and never an auction.
  7. Sales of this CD have gone down drastically since the my friend Mel posted a link to my Flickr photostream, which means people are probably downloading the catalogs because they don't want to pay for the CD. That is fine if people want to download the thousands of pages of information, but I've blocked people from downloading the images now. I'm sure you can "right-click" on the images and download them that way, but you'll only be getting the small images and not the full-sized ones. I'm not trying to be mean, I just put a lot of time and invested a lot of money in a project to assist othe
  8. Just as an FYI: after eBay gets their fees ($3.24) per each CD sold + the listing fees they charge + Pay Pal fees (.88) + the shipping supplies ($1.00 each bubble envelope), the actual shipping costs ($2.26) and I then factor in the cost of the CD itself (approx. $1.00/each) + the cost of each catalog (prices between $40.00 - $200.00 each) added to the time it takes to burn each CD and packaging, I am not making any money on these CDs. This has only been a hobby for me and a way to assist other collectors and sellers.
  9. No hard feelings, Tory. I apologize as I suppose I've been on the defensive with that eBay seller giving me a hard time. That seller has catalogs posted for sale at exhorbitant prices and blames me for not being able to sell them. What you stated about "making money" was almost verbatim his exact words. I will see if this seller proceeds with his "threats"; his account was suspended several times for reasons unknown. If he reports me, I'll be one more customer eBay loses. Their fees are up to 26% now for fixed price listings + Pay Pal fees are almost 23%. The price of my CD is too low
  10. Thanks, Mel! I'll definitely let you know when I pull the plug! I wasn't aware you had a blowmold CD; that would be nice to see. It's bad when you spend tons of time doing something you enjoy while helping others; only to find out other people are so rude they would make accusations about what you were doing. I, if anyone, knows that! This won't stop me from collecting catalogs and I will definitely share whatever I get with you, Mel! Thanks again!! Mark
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/41-Noma-Paramoun...item439d8d5a04 is where you can get a CD, David. The CD and postage alone is $3.00. I'm ending the listing on eBay and removing the catalogs from Flickr no later than Monday, 03/08/2010. Thanks. . .
  12. I'm not "making money" on this project, Tory. Let me make that VERY clear!! The catalogs sell anywhere from $100 - $250 each. I'm trying to share history and make up for the money I've spent. I have a total of 51 catalogs on the CD now. That would be roughly $5,100.00 spent on the catalogs themselves at $100 each (I've paid over $200 for some of them). It takes hours to upload one average 30-page catalog to Flickr and my time is obviously worth nothing. Besides, the copyrights have expired LONG ago according to Jason at Wishbook Web. That eBay seller accused me of making money of
  13. I had an eBay seller state I was "pirating" these old catalogs and that was not legal. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to get into any trouble; I merely wanted to share my finds. Should I take the seller's threats seriously? Thanks!! Mark
  14. Hi Brad: What part of Columbia do you live in? I'm in Lexington off Hwy #1 by Lexington High School. I previously had a home in Elmwood Park downtown that was featured on HGTV's "If Walls Could Talk" episode "Historical Ties", was in The State newspaper and on the Elmwood Park Tour of Homes. Due to economical reason, I had to relocate to Lexington. Mark
  15. Thanks, Mel! I have a total of 51 catalogs on the CD now. If you use Flickr and wish to download the full-sized scans, you must make yourself one of my "contacts" first. Joining Flickr is free. I've spent a lot of money and a lot of time on this venture to assist my friends in the Christmas collector world and I hope you enjoy. Also--in my Flickr Photostream, there is a set named "Christmas Items Vintage"; that has all of my personal collection in it + some. I'm in nursing and work for South Carolina's Organ/Tissue/Eye donation non-profit organization LifePoint (http://www.lifepoint-
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