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  1. Do you still have the C9 sockets, I would be interested.  I live in Curran Ontario Canada postal Code is K0B1C0, let me know how much it would cost.


    1. hotrods


      Mingo sorry I did not see post till today I still have them if you want them I could find shipping costs on Monday 

  2. I bought the G3MP3 Director this summer and didn't have a chance to play around with it. Now in the crunch I was able to copy a song with sequence onto the flash drive that came with the unit using the hardware utility. That worked fine. When I tried to setup a whole show with 8 songs and sequences, when the show starts, only the music plays, no lights. Cat 5 cable is plugged in to the unit. If I take the Cat5 cable and hook it up to my PC the show works fine, music and lights. What am I missing? I'm stumped Thanks for your help!
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