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  1. i would think somebody has to offer a dark green tubing to match the light strand wire color?
  2. I want green colored tubing so it matches,and doesnt stick out like a sore thumb when used on mini light strand wiring.What is the proper size tubing to purchase to use on the 22 gauge wiring found on mini light strands? I am only looking at purchasing a few feet of this tubing to complete the odd repair here and there that occasionally arises from squirrel damaged wiring,etc
  3. Does anyone know where to buy green heat shrink tubing,,and the proper size to purchase for 22 gauge wiring repairs? The local bigbox stores only seem to carry black or white around here and would like to use green to match the light strand wire color
  4. If you purchase from the bigbox,better keep the boxes the lights come in,as well as a copy of the sales receipt- the GE sets have a 5 year,and the Ecosmarts a 7 year warranty.......but the local stores do not service those warranties,you must send the light strands IN their original boxes with a copy of your sales receipt back to the addresses listed on the boxes{and pay the shipping to do so} The retail stores only exchange defective sets for the first 90 days!
  5. I number all my light strings {using permanent marker on plug} and have created a log which lists which vendor the string came from and date purchased.Easy for me as I tend to stick with only 1 vendor,unless they do not carry what I need {rare,but it has happened}
  6. Also,I am now quite sure {from looking at pictures of other peoples displays on the net} that some {many?} strand failures are simply due to mechanical stress harsh winter weather often brings....I have seen pictures of strands covered in 1/2 ice,hanging from mega trees under their own weight plus the weight of all that ice,being subject to extremely high winds,etc......Something that many of use cant imagine in our own rather temperate climates{including mine}. The rather lightweight 22 gauge wiring and its connections to each and every LED takes a beating with all that tension applied to the
  7. could be a defective rectifier or a bad led itself.Are these sealed,1 piece leds or the replaceable bulb type?
  8. Brew up some coffee,this is a long,yet really interesting read on exactly what tests Christmas lights must pass to get "UL Approved" See here http://space.dianyuan.com/blog/u/40/1145507542.pdf
  9. Those H/D "dome" lights are VERY directional,unlike the wide angle 5mm LED sets they look similar to on the box
  10. guess you could look for GE brand or other c9 strands at the bigbox,I saw many recently at Hd/Lowes -may be able to find some great deals now? Many find them rather dim compared to the retrofits, and some have had issues with the plastic covers either filling with water,or popping off are probably some reasons most vendors dont seem to carry them.
  11. C9 LED light strands are horrible dim little things,which is why the vendors market empty c9 stringers{the cord set with sockets installed} and retrofit screw in LED C9 bulbs that you purchase and screw into the stringer yourself- the difference is the quality c9 retrofit bulbs actually have 5 LEDs in each bulb compared to the prepackaged bigbox c9 strands that only have 1 LED in each c9 bulb,making them much brighter and easier to repair if a single bulb develops a problem= also the stringers can be easily cut to custom size to fit your exact needed lengths,the strands can not..
  12. Very nice,and a fresh look compared to the usual displays!
  13. the Blisslights used to get awesome ratings,but I have seen many negative responses from purchasers feedback on QVC site recently-not sure if the product has changed over time,or why the dropoff in satisfaction? Many comments state the green is much better{brighter} than the blue or red versions also.
  14. What did you expect from walmarts "house brand" ? Built as cheaply as possible to sell for as cheaply as possible.Shocked so many spend countless hours on their displays,and cheap out on the lights they choose to use- just creates extra headaches and wastes time repairing/replacing when things dont last or work as they should!
  15. i threw out a set of working old flower pedal lights i found at my moms house just last month! She was shocked I said "throw them out".....they had no fuse protection,and overall construction was flimsy and almost scary compared to todays UL approved sets.
  16. Why do you guys turn off the lights so early? The 12 days of Christmas end on January 6th?
  17. I put lights up and take them down I put lights up and take them down cant get that stupid planet fitness commercial out of my head!
  18. Yup,I have tons of GKI/Bethlehem incandescent light sets,top quality and their "heavy duty" line ,while expensive at $20-25 per 100 count string are fantastic as they use .75 watt 5 volt bulbs that are the brightest mini lights on the market,,but they are energy hogs at a rated 72 watts per string. They have proven to outlast all the generic no name throw-away junk most people are happy to waste their dollars and time on.I have found their LED offerings to be of similar,but not better quality than what our vendors here are selling however. I expect to see most,if not all of the GKI/Bethleh
  19. Walmart $6 for a 50 count strand of crappy LEDs is exactly my point......if you purchase through one of the vendors here during their presales,you can get a 50 count strand of much higher quality sealed LEDs for about the exact same price.........and it wont rust,corrode,and be ready for the landfill after a season or two like the bigbox junk,making the true long term cost to own much cheaper than the bigbox crap .Never confuse price with cost!
  20. i completely stopped shopping the bigbox stores,even at post xmas sales once I switched to LEDs,as all they sell are the replaceable bulb type,which are much more prone to failure than the sealed one piece type the vendors here sell.Quality over quantity.
  21. The Rockefeller Center tree does just that,and looks absolutely stunning!
  22. You are ASsuming he is running some type of controller based light system vs static based on what,certainly nothing stated in his post?
  23. Dave,he said he needs them for Easter,which is WAY before any of the popular vendors orders will be delivered to those of us who place their orders for lights during the pre-sale periods! As far as I have seen,HLE is the only vendor offering to sell and deliver LEDs they currently have in stock today at the pre-sale discount price,allowing the original poster to have his lights in time for his intended usage.I already have my pre-sale order items that I bought on Monday....in my hands! EDIT...i see CDI is also offering to sell/ship in stock inventory at pre-sale pricing also- I did not
  24. I would think all the vendors here sell their LEDs online year round, BUT they are all having their pre-sales NOW,which are their lowest prices of the year.I have ordered from www.holiday-light-express.com several times and been very happy with both their product and service,and they have many LEDs in stock now at the pre-sale price,so you can have your lights in time for Easter at the lowest pricing of the year too!
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