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  1. Hello All, I posted that question last Christmas and a kind person gave me a link to someone who had quite a few of them. Of course I didn't save it to my Christmas file. Along with that I've had a system crash and lost a lot of stuff. This is the round about way of saying HELP ME please.
  2. Hello, I love what you have done. We are putting up our lights tonight and tomorrow but you are in a league far far above us.
  3. Hello Frank, THANK YOU!!! I shook them while they were plugged in no flicker!!!! I'm loving life again. <LOL> I'm just trying to get my feet wet here.
  4. Hello All, I am a newbie at this so please don't jump on me too much, I am trying to learn some of this stuff here but I'm not perfect. Thanks for the advice but maybe this isn't the right site for me. I get enough grief as a Para Legal I don't need more. I thought this was supposed to be fun.
  5. Hello, I just plugged them in and shook them, now what am I looking for when I shake them while they are plugged in? If I take just one light and shake it I hear no rattle. If I shake the entire strand there is a rattle but that's just the lights hitting together I think.
  6. Oh the pain, let me pull that knife out of my back. I could be mistaken but I seem to recall seeing on one of the posts on this sight that one way to tell if the lights are half or full wave is to shake the box.When I have a bit more time I will check my history for the reply I'm referring to.
  7. Hello, Thanks for the reply, I have learned a LOT since I've found this site. I did spot one company that actually states that their lights are full wave. The company is Foreverchristmaslights.net I have to figure out what to do, the thing is "I'm the Queen of buy new" and my husband is the "King of make do". I have to figure out if the cost of getting the lights I want is worth it relationship wise also. Ok enough of that, I found a gadget I bought a few years ago it's called the "Light Tacker" does anyone have any experience with this thing? I wish I'd realized the difference in full wav
  8. Hello, We received our C9 LED warm white lights yesterday. I rattled the box, they are half waves. To make a long story short, I'm not sure if I'll return them or not but let's say I do, of the local brick and motor stores which are the best. I mean Home Depot, Lowes, Target or any other suggestions are fine. I'm here in Orange County CA so there are a LOT of stores. We want to decorate this weekend so on-line buying is out. Also since I will have to eat the S&H both ways to return the lights I don't want a third S&H charge unless somebody knows a great online store that can ship fas
  9. OMG you explained this issue for me SO WELL I am totally impressed, even I can grasp it.I ordered 3 sets of the 100ctLED warm whites yesterday and I hope they are Ok. Worst case scenario it is early enough that I can return them if I need to. New question if you don't mind, I was surfing today and came across Christmaslightsetc.com and went to the light clip section, now one thing I am pretty anal about are straight lights. I'm anal enough about this that I may put them up myself. They have a section for light clips, now I do have several boxes sitting downstairs but according to this guide
  10. I am so confused, I ordered 3 strings yesterday and I called customer no service today and asked if the lights were full wave or half wave and the CSR had no clue what I was talking about.
  11. Hello, I'm sorry that I have lagged badly but amazingly life must come before Christmas. I am still confused about the full wave half wave thing. Don't know as much as I should. I just discussed with my husband the date for getting everything done and he said to START Dec 11th!!!!I think if it was up to him he's wait until Dec 20th Sorry, he's really annoyed me Thanks for the help. .
  12. Hello All, We have a Gemmy Santa figure. He's about 3/4 life size. His features are movement and singing. These were sold in Wal-Marts about 5 years ago. Now he is silent, movement is still Ok but what was so cool about him was his signing and his songs were synchronized. If anyone can help me get our Santa singing again I would be most grateful.
  13. Hello, Why do I want them close together, because I like the look of many bulbs vs few.
  14. I'm sorry but what do you mean how many lights are in each bulb? Also I've seen the phrase full wave vs half wave again what is the difference?
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