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    Love decorating for the holidays - go over the top for Halloween and working on Christmas.
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    Stay at home mom
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    Ususally decorate with inflatables but have just now "discovered" blow molds. I've had a 40" Santa for a number of years and finally dragged him out of the attic. Just loved the way he looked and now am looking to find more friends for him so he won't be so lonely.
  1. I don't want my inflatable to get damaged by winds, so if I'm around the house when they should come on (I have them on a timer) I deflate them during the strong winds. When things are calmer, I inflate them.
  2. Santaigrhs: I'm curious as to why you went "snowless" in your snowglobes? Can you share your thoughts with us?
  3. Love your inflatable collection. Thanks for sharing your display video.
  4. Yep, that's were I found fuses last year when no-one else had the one I needed.
  5. Yep...you're right - sorry. This set will look great in your display. Congrats on the find! Coming back to edit this post....I know why I confused you with someone else. You and "sucker punch" have the same avatar and that's where the confusion came into play. It's hard to remember names, but so easy to remember an avatar. LOL!!!
  6. Now you've got 2 santa/sleighs. Are you gonna make this one fly too?
  7. I like your mailbox personalization - it's good you have a short last name - LOL! Do you display your skelemingos year round or only at Halloween?
  8. I wish someone in my area would throw molds away.... Great find for you!
  9. I didn't look at the pricing just the santas. Cool idea. I wonder if they just paint on top of the original paint or strip the mold. But, I would guess they just paint over the top as it would be too time consuming to strip and then paint.
  10. That's a contant worry for me - both at Halloween and Christmas as I'm the only one in my area that has molds and inflatables. I'm the house that everyone has to come to on Halloween and I'm working up to that for Christmas. I paid good money for all my molds and when I put them out I just pray that no-one wants it more than me - LOL. Whenever I hear voices in the front yard, I have to check it out. Usually it's just the kids stopping by to see the decorations, but I still have to check it out - LOL. I don't have a fence, so it would be easy pickins to get something from my yard. So far,
  11. There's nothing more frustrating than getting an inflatable out and finding out it's not working correctly. What a downer Good luck in getting this one going!
  12. Boy oh boy.....absolutely amazing. You do beautiful work. Just love the deer - definitely a custom made set!!! Thanks for posting the last picture so we can see the detail you've included on the deer. I bet you've got all the neighbors stopping by to see your display. Where in Texas are you located?
  13. Love your house! That's a great display you have and the layout works well with you yard. I like the music notes you put up with your choir - very original! What a cool looking wagon to have in your front yard. Is there a story behind that?
  14. The display looks AWESOME!!! The only problem I see is that there are no lights on the boat - what happened there???? I too love the flying santa - that set is definitely on my wish list.
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