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  1. I decorate the inside also, we have ceramics from the family over the years, two Christmas trees, two villages, lighted garland, and more
  2. You could go to the hardware utility and set your controllers maximum intensity to the percentage you want and then you do not have to modify your sequneces.
  3. Just got my displays facebook page up and am asking for help in clicking Like on my page. http://www.facebook.com/ChristmasFamilyLights Thanks for the help in supporting my page!
  4. We can call it sad but reality is everyone has increased so what makes Lowes any different from everyone else. The cost of copper is driving everything and the rise in production cost in China is also jumping.
  5. Have you given thought to RGB LED flood lights lst longer and can have any color out of one light.
  6. I like the preview and applaude you for the efforts and your drive to show others what can be done.
  7. The first question I have is you say you are going to run off of a 50 amp service is that a 50 amp 220 service if so split the load and you can have a total of 100 amps of 120
  8. The first question I have is you say you are going to run off of a 50 amp service is that a 50 amp 220 service if so split the load and you can have a total of 100 amps of 120
  9. Well it is a two fold answer technicaly seasonal entertainment is the compnay selling them, but lights on manor which is a private display founded the seasonal entertainment. So one is really the same as the other.
  10. Do you want to use the Sylvania? I know Lowes is carrying about 3 different brands of LED's now and one of the others claims to be dimmable. Atleast the one we have here has several to choose from. I had not seen one on till the other day when we were at Chillis restraunt and they had all there lights changed to the LED lights and I was impressed. Reallity is though you should be able to cover the lights to water proof them seeing no more heat that they should produce.
  11. Alright time to pick some brains, I want to do a animated talking head from Holiday Coro, what is the easiest way to do the animation to match the words I am looking for any advise possible.
  12. Our prayers are with the people over there and the people like you Frank who have been over there to help. And I am with you I fear we are fixxing to see something that this world has never seen before from a Power Plant, and I realy fear that this if it does not come under control before long is going to make Chernobyl look like a cake walk.
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    I am not familiar with there products but I do know Creative Displays are tried and true and excellent customer service plus his price is equal to WOW's 100 strobe package at $5.50 per head, Paul sells his in cases of 10 for $55.00 just food for thought and here is the link for Creative Displays Strobes
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    But I do highly recommend Creative Display strobes, I have heard much better about theirs over Christmas Light Show.
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    Review: Creative Displays Strobe Lights Creative Displays have two kinds of strobe lights. They are LED and XENON. This is from a post on Christmas Carolina: The xenon lights are an "I" type of bulb with everything silicone sealed in a durable base and lens. CDI, says they are 6 watts each and flashes 130 times per minute. The LED type uses 1 watt each and have 10 leds per light. These strobes come in C7's or C9's and four different colors. Pro's: very durable, only one failure in one season, light weight, & good price. Con's: flash is a little slower than CLS strobes but
  16. An awful situation that seems to maybe spiraling further out of control as time passes on, I fear they are on the brink of a Chernobyl disaster with the continual Nuclear Power Plant issues and that can only makes things many times worse.
  17. Here in NC we dont now each municipality has its own quirks and I know anymore with budget deficits agencies will make up where ever they can.
  18. You will have to verify with local fire officals. This will not be considered a campfire or lantern it is more of a pyrotechnic device. So you will have to check on your city ordinace to verify if open burning is legal within the municipality and further more even if open burning is legal most have a stipulation that the fire be constantly watched. Weather conidtions do also play a major role with fire conditions if it has been any what dry in your location they would probably refuse the right to use one even if it is contained due to the dangers to your property and others and at this point t
  19. This was just a starting price it was possible for the price to come down with interest.
  20. It will only get worse, I started in '09 with 64 channels and around 22,000 lights, this year I was running like 176 channels and around 45,000 and scraped my entire show from the first year. Good luck it only gets worse
  21. Here is the price sheet that I was given. LED Buy.pdf[
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