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    Dealing with my mega-tree of death! LOL

    I think my light display is trying to kill me!
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    Lowell, MI
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    LOR and lover of Christmas lights

    I am a computer programmer, writing software for warehouses.
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    Christmas lights, wrenching on my Jeeps.
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    Software engineer
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    About 5,000 static lights in 2009, but 2010 will be 11,000 lights on 32 channel LOR.

    Some lights are on the house and bushes, but most of the display will be a pair of 9 channel arches and 6 mini-wire frame trees that will be 2 channels and 2 colors each.

    My first year play list will be 3 songs that follow the THX disaster introduction, but I hope to do more and maybe alternate two shows.

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  1. If you are keeping your computer hooked up, there are a couple of ways. You can use the LOR Hardware utility and turn all of the lights on by controller... As long as you don't turn them off, they stay on. So using that utility, find your two controllers, then do all on for one and all on for the other. The other option is creating an animation sequence which is basically, all on and put it into a loop. Or you can even do some simple animations and loop it over and over... Drop that into the show builder and finally , drop it into the scheduler and your are good to go!
  2. My first year of arches had 9 so I could light up the middle channel, sort of like an LED volume meeter. What I found was most songs lend themselves better to 8... 4/4 time... 2/4 time.... I also found that with 9 channels, channel 5 would cross the middle... with 8 channels, it was easier to split the arches in half. There is no right or wrong answer... Odd or even.... I have had an easier time with most effects using 8 rather than 9.
  3. Check out my videos from 2010. I was running two 9 channel arches, six 2 color cone trees and the house for my 32 channels. I would be happy to share. PM me or email [email protected]
  4. THAT IS IT! Thank you! As always, I am so happy to be part of such a knowledgeable and helpful group!
  5. http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/50011071 That is a link to the story which plays the music....
  6. During this time of year, the TODAY show, usually when they show the tree in Rockefeller Plaza, play an instrumental version of Carol of the Bells. Does anyone recognize who does this? I tried the London Philharmonic, Boston Bops, 101 Strings, but none sound the same. Anyone have any ideas? I tried my smartphone apps to find out the song, but I can't get them to be quiet enough while the sound bite is playing. Thanks!
  7. Well, given that the circumfrance is defined as d*pi, and your 10' PVC is half the circumference making the total circumference of 20', then 6' 4.5" for the diameter would be a perfect circle, right?
  8. I had a mult-color C7 string with only a few extra bulbs and opted to cut the lights out this year. There were three wires but if you are good about labeling and tracing, it is easy to do. There were only a few extra so the little resistence I was taking out of the string didn't really matter. For my C7s, the lenses could be screwed out and in previous years, I had removed the lenses and wrapped the socket in duct tape. I would imagine you can make a small plugs out of clay or poster putty to shove into the socket, right? If cutting them out didn't work this year, I was going to try soaking the lense in black paint to make my own black-out caps.
  9. It sounds to me like you can submit an application, just like a building permit, and possibly be approved. I thought the wording was such also, that as long as you don't publicize and have very specific event dates, along with council approval of your plan, you could still go through with it. Meanwhile, I am shocked the media has not jumped all over this. Normal neighbors can usually come to some consensus... Brad Boyink (Holiday Road) has had similar issues with the neighbors in the past years, mostly because of the traffic. He was allowed to shorten his show and something like the week before Christmas, it was a static display. The following year he was allowed to do just about anything because so many people in the city complained and I believe the city came through with traffic control aid.
  10. We live on a narrow street and I run two different shows on alternating days. I target each show to last about 15 minutes in order to cycle through the traffic and not have folks sitting for very long. I find that some people watch the show 2 and 3 times from various vantage points. The attention span of most people is so short that I think a variety of songs and keeping the things I do unique to each song limits how many songs I will have, but makes sure that each song is unique and different.
  11. I am feeling good, but scared that I am feeling good because something is about to go horribly wrong. The ligths are all on the house (about 5500) and I just finished the programming. The yard lights go up after my last time through the yard sweeping up leaves which should be on Saturday. I feel like I am on schedule or even a bit ahead, but every year, something goes wrong and I end up scrambling the last week before lights go on. It does not help that Thanksgiving is so early this year. I don't like to start setting up until after Halloween, but with only 23 days to lights on, things are tight this year!
  12. I used the rope lights from CDI and found the same thing -- the cut lengths were way off. What I did was just wrap up the extra length with duct tape. It hangs down and in the dark, no one even sees it. It is the same as using black-out caps for bulbs.
  13. I just did this and it worked as expected.... Maybe post the error message or what you are seeing?
  14. I think it is catchy! Lights in the Glen, Lights on the Glen, Light up the Glen. I just call us the Harris Family Lights. I made plywood signs last year in the shape of a C7 bulb which on it's side sort of looks like an arrow and my wife simply painted, "LIGHTS". :-)
  15. I have done a few variations of this without a problem. I have splice strings together, shortened strings (due to not enough black out caps and duct tap is just too ugly), and increased intervals between lights. Like they said, as long as you maintain polarity. SPT1 should due just fine. Make sure the point is well put together and sealed. One other important thing is make sure your solder iron is very hot because the little bit of shielding on those strings melts in a hurry!
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