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  1. Had a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming. Big Thanks to Michael & Patti and all the presenters!!
  2. Very nice job! Love it! May become one of your customers.
  3. Gene, May I ask the length of the snow tubes? Did you use the ones off of EBay? Thanks.
  4. If your projecting from inside out of your window to a screen outside, you will need more than 2000 lumens. I know someone who uses 3000-3500 lumens and mine shows up so much brighter. When your projecting outside you loose a lot compared to projecting in a room. These used projectors of which I talk about are conference room hotel industrial projectors. The may be older, but you can usually find them cheap on eBay, as schools and hotels replace them. They are a great deal, and you will be very happy with the projection quality. The ones I use to project outside and use outside are the Sharp P25X series conference projectors with zoom capability.
  5. Orville, Keep a eye on EBay, especially at this time of year. I have purchased 3 projectors (all used) and have used them in my Halloween and Christmas display. The brighter, the better. Picked up one on eBay with less than 1000 hours on the bulb (bulb is rated for 2500-3000 hours) for $35.00 from a local community college. It has 4000 lums and is perfect for outside. Worst case once the bulb burns out, costs $100. For a new one. Hope to meet you at this year's Mini! Calvin
  6. Everything from Gemmy is made in China as you know and at this time of year most of their staff is there searching for new products and putting together their line for 2013. I don't think they have a big support staff. Anyway, I had a defective remote for my LED Christmas trees and no one had a replacement. They said that they were having more manufactured but it would not be until spring. They came through and sent me a replacement - no charge, out of warranty, so I would give them a chance to come through.
  7. I just have to say, and I am not affiliated with the LED Warehouse, that I believe they have the best prices and most reliable LED's I have purchased. I have used them from the start when first getting into LOR. Have purchased around $3000.00 worth of lights from them with another big order going in this year. They stand 100% behind their product, give you free shipping on an order of $1000.00 (which in my case saves me about $65.00) a 2% discount when paid in full up front on top of their prices, when compared side by side to other vendors - beats them everytime. I have had 2 string failures in 3 years and both were replaced at their expense. They did not even ask for the defective strands to be sent back. For my money, I am very happy with them. Also, make sure and check shipping charges with the other vendors, LED Warehouse ships UPS most of the time. Others I have seen use FED-EX Ground, which is much more expensive - to FL anyway.
  8. This is our Christmas projection on a home across the street from our show this year. We actually had it on a 15ft screen as well as the home in a 13 minute sequence. Our goal was to surround the viewer with lights, projection, fog and water. This is how the projection looked on the home.
  9. Our 2012 display with 9 homes decorated for charity.
  10. Probably not the right place on the forum for this, but wanted to let everyone in the Central, FL area know, as I noticed a lot of members on the Forum are from FL. Judy Pancoast will be stopping by the Lights on Jeater Bend - Wednesday December 12th at 7:00pm on her International Tour.. Please stop by if you are in the area. The Celebration School Jazz Band will be performing with her as well to benefit 34747 Cares that help out all the displaced families on Hwy. 192 and the Central FL. Food Banks. Address is 1033 Jeater Bend Drive Celebration, FL. 34747 If your a PC Forum Member, please make sure and say Hi! Thanks, Calvin
  11. Hello everyone, I am looking for a donation box that someone might not be using. I know this is very last minute, but I need one for a charity I am sponsoring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Awesome job Dan! How did you sequence your RGB's? Superstar or something else?
  13. Can these be controlled in LOR or are they limited to the sequence module provided by Gemmy?
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