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    A am an avid Christmas enthusiast
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    It's increasing each Christmas and is avaliable for all to enjoy.


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  1. I couldn't have said it better Larry.
  2. I agree, no mistake there. As long as you're creating lasting memories for people how could you go wrong.
  3. I don't switch them on a nightly basis either. I usually have a standard show and then about seven or eight nights I'll feature a special theme (genre). I also have a very wide variety of of different songs, so I don't have to worry about guest hearing a repeat of the previous night; because I know that most likely they'll show hearing the other half of the show. Putting my entire schedule/song selection online helps people decide which night they would like to drop by on.
  4. I have recently come up with an online year-round sort of mini-plus for us Louisianaians, but it is avaliable for anyone from anywhere. It's called the OCLUP (Online Christmas Light Up Project). The OCLUP will work on ideas, designs, and anything else to help each others display reach its highest potential. We will frequently hold meetings online through a chat (or in some cases a live broadcast) with the most well know Christmas enthusiasts in the U.S. Just visit: http://denhamlights.webs.com/theoclup.htm :santasmileyitty:
  5. In 2009 I mixed up the diversity in the music for my display. For the most part, I would feature lights dancing to the "up to beat" modern Christmas music. Another night, I might have a show with Traditional arrangements. I would even have a night of just Instrumental Christmas music and/or Christmas compositions for Marching Band. You should try doing this I find vistors really enjoy the variety! :santasmileyitty:
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