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  1. I have some nutcrackers that need new arm brackets. Does anyone know who makes these? I do not see any tags from the manafacture and have seen them over the years in different locations? Any help would be great. Last ditch effort would be to make some brackets but want to keep with the orginal ones as they are animated.
  2. As long as mine get here by Thanksgiving I am golden, price is far better than anyone else and he does return emails and let us know anytime we want, Amazes me that the **** stirring always comes from someone not even in the buy group from the vendor. Wow some people are amazing you would think the childhood bullshit would have grown out of some people but guess that is wishful thinking........
  3. meaker

    Spt Wire

    Just picked up 250 feet for $39 from Lowes or it sales for about $.30 a foot....
  4. Wow this is the year of cheating people and crazy thoughts I can see.. I fourth the vowing of never using any of her songs, This is a complete joke as far as I'm concerned. The person buying the sequence has to purchase the song, they are not giving her song away. Since I have a copy of the CD she made, where do I send the dam thing back for a refund??? .. As far as I am concern if she is so worried about this we should all just not use the dam thing. Maybe we can change the official song to something that has to do with "greed"?
  5. meaker

    I Got Ripped Off

    When Gene States he is paid back then and only then I will say Lyman held to his word. Up to that everything else is just lip service in my book. And Yes I personally know Lyman actually more than any of you do as he lived in my house for about 3 months still does not make his actions right. Christmas Season should be about family and good times and it should not mean anything negative.
  6. meaker

    I Got Ripped Off

    As this is coming from the guy who's buying 2 controllers as payment to the one that left Gene high and dry?
  7. meaker

    I Got Ripped Off

    AGREED Its all a matter if you have grown up enough to realize it
  8. Agreed. He paid you on time, he should not have to wait until you feel like paying him. This will hurt your reputation as I am sure it already is not helping. Do what is right, have a garage sale, part time job something...... Just over 90 days to Christmas I know I would be extremely upset if I did not have my display set
  9. meaker

    I Got Ripped Off

    I work in construction and I always hear that such and such a contractor did not delivered and cost more in the long run. All I can say in all industries there is a small percentage of people that take advantage of the situation. I am saddened with the way the world has come and can not believe people rip people off. If I tell you I will get something done I will either get it done or die trying, just wish that mentality would carry over to my generation. I hope this works out for the best and you do get your money back or maybe his sequencing "touch" will come back and he will deliver jus
  10. meaker

    I Got Ripped Off

    Funny he is writing articles in the magazine and not delivering on promises and tell other how to do it. Hope things work out for you GMAC
  11. Agreed even have a backup for the computer that lasts about 30 minutes
  12. Barry, Think Oroville would be a better choice, northern and southern California. Think that would make a great utube video....
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