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    Hi, I'm Cindy my family, Husband Lance and our 2 kids Luke, 17 & Briana, 21 are NEW to AIRBLOWN Collecting and I am LOVING it. We started out 2010 with about 10 Airblowns & now have close to 100. maybe more. I am trying to organize them with photos on my computer right now. I was almost done & my Computer died COMPLETLY!! I had not saved anything about them yet. So I am starting over. I am EXCITED to know how many I actually have. It seems like there is ALWAYS something in the mail according to my husband at least, LOL! I will post photos etc. when I am done if I can figure it out. I am a VERY SLOW TYPER & a VERY UN-SAVY Computer person all the way around.
  • Interests
    Collecting Airblowns! SHOPPING, Shopping & MORE shopping! Hanging out with FRIENDS & FAMILY. Meeting NEW People. Baseball & anything FUN!!!
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    I sell Uppercase Living and am a Homemaker.
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    In the past years it has had a couple of Airblowns, lots of miscellaneous decorations and TONS of LIGHTS. But WATCH-OUT for 2010. We can't wait, Lance told me today I better start shopping for a GENERATOR for POWER.
  1. Too Bad your not coming through ARIZONA, we would LOVE to have you!!! GOOD LUCK ON THE TOUR & HAVE FUN!!! Blessings, CINDY!!!
  2. Thanks, I did find ABC Distributing & they are a Catalog/Online Company. They do have a couple of Inflatables though. Thanks for Helping!
  3. O.K. NOW I FEEL REALLY STUPID, LOL!!! Thanks for the HEADS UP!!!
  4. Does anyone out there in Planet Christmas Land know anything about a place called ABC Club Store, or similar to that? What it is or how to find it? Thanks for the HELP ahead of time. Take-Care, CINDY!!!
  5. Hi Mike, Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I just registered at lightuparizona.com and am waiting for approval, Thanks for that info as well. Where in the Phoenix area are you located? I am down there all the time, too much time for me in fact. I am currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer at Mayo Clinic both in Phoenix & Scottsdale.
  6. HI EVERYONE, I would like to get to know other Inflatable & Holiday LOVERS out there, especially from Arizona. We just moved to Prescott Valley in late August. Put up a small Halloween display 15 Inflatables. It is harder than usual because we live in a neighborhood goverened by a homeowners association. So far we 'haven't had any problems. They haven't seen CHRISTMAS yet though, LOL! WISH US LUCK, CINDY!!!
  7. Hi, Thanks for the info, we have been trying to come up with away to cover our airblowns when they are not blown up! You gave me a GREAT IDEA!
  8. Actually Cindy.....the PC chat room can be found here. Although since there is no direct link on the forum for it....not many people use it anymore. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/chat/flashchat.php

  9. Hi Chris, I just sent the $30.00! I am trying this conversation part of the site to see how it works. I think it might be like a chat on other sites, not sure!

  10. Jen, Just found this post. How tall is the Snowman with Little ONE on top?
  11. Hey Jen, I am sending you a PM right now! Thanks for getting my BEAR sent out. I am SO EXCITED to get him. Too bad I haven't started collecting Blowmolds, YET! You have some REALLY NICE ones!!!
  12. Hi, I sent you a PM about your inflatables, THANKS!!!
  13. Hi Mike, Don't be CONFUSED! It isn't actually a VIDEO as you know since you did it. I guess we should have called it a Website. Anyway like I said before, can't wait to try it out. I bought a 12 foot globe at Rite-Aid & it has a split in the seam, I think it is in the seam at least. It has been in storage since we bought it after the Christmas of 2008. We moved from our house last November into an apartment so I didn't MESS with it all this past Christmas. We were able to put all our other Blow-Ups out about 5 or 6 & we WON the decorating contest at our complex, "YAY" Now, I have bet
  14. Just want to THANK, Jen for telling me about the Globe Repair Video & the person that made it. Can't wait to try & fix my Globe. Just have to wait to get it out of storage. EVERYONE, have a GREAT WEEKEND! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE, by the way!!! Cindy!
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