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  1. Sale Pending Working with a buyer right now to establish shipping costs.
  2. Noooo.... open your eyes Robert... how can you let a deal like this pass... ;-) I really didn't want to sell everything, but without the house, I am unable to use it. So, I might as well put them out here so someone else can spread the Christmas cheer! The HOA would have a fit if I started setting up the controllers outside of the condo ;-)
  3. Moved into a condo, and I am unable to use my LOR equipment. So.... here it is (4) LOR CTB16D controllers - $160 each (1) LOR CTB16D Kit controller (Ritetime box) - $100 (1) Serial to RS232 converter (1) Ramsey FM25B Transmitter Would like to have $160 for the LOR CTB16D controllers, and $100 for CTB16D in the Ritetime box. If someone wants to purchase the set, I would be willing to sell everything for $650. Saves me time, and saves you $$
  4. I used some shingle clips two years ago, and my coworkers made a point to tell me that isnt a good thing to do in Florida. It breaks part of the seal the shingles have, and the hurricane season likes to push water under the shingles. So.... I am in search of a different way Thanks for the different ideas
  5. I checked out the nets yesterday, but they would be going in a different direction than my plan. I really want to have the different colors on the roof on different channels. Like someone else posted, the piano effect. . .
  6. Not sure that I understand, but I havent finished my first cup of coffee yet. However... this gave me an idea. <<edit... started typing the idea and it wasnt very good>> The 1x1 furring strips with the cup hooks would allow me to have the strings every (x) inches, and they would be spaced evenly. I picked up a few strips and some hooks on my way home last night, but I didnt get time to try it out. Sort of afraid that I will end up taking all of the current roof lights down and trying out this idea.... and it is a little late to be switching everything :-)
  7. Not just the outline.... I want to cover the whole front side of the roof. Any ideas besides pushing plastic clips under the shingles? One I was thinking about today was to outline the whole area with 1x1 furring strips, and screw a cup holder hook every 6 inches. I could attach the bottom strip to the gutters with some straps, and the same on the top to the roof vent. The end of each strip with have a hole, and I can attach them together with some plastic ties. Well, that is what I am thinking, but I am open to suggestions. Anyone.... ? . .
  8. Check out the Support link on their site http://www.lightorama.com/support.html
  9. I purchased it from wowlights.com over the weekend. What did I think of the sequence? I think it was a great purchase. So good... I purchased three more from them on Sunday. . .
  10. Mon - Thu = 9:00 Fri, Sat, Sun = 10:30
  11. I have had a few issues recently Last night the song stopped for a few seconds in the show. This morning I was touching up some sequences, and they locked up. I closed and reopened the sequence editor, and it worked fine after that
  12. One of these days I would like to do the chipmunks
  13. I used the overhead projector to place the image on the coro, and then I traced it. Just an idea
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