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  1. The controllers used in the HolidayCoro units have the ability to display a static red or green - so no "controller" or DMX is required if you just want a static flood. Just set the mode (they are listed on this page at the bottom: http://www.holidaycoro.com/3-Channel-DMX-RGB-Controller-p/26.htm) and apply power. You are set now and in the future if you want to go with full control, just plug them up to your DMX output and you are set.
  2. Million Color RGB MiniTree RGB CoroTree (watch assembly video at end for sample) We at HolidayCoro are also working on a version of our mini light coro tree that holes 12mm RGB nodes also.
  3. I'm sorry but we no longer sell this product.
  4. At the request of a number of customers, we are now selling a coro snowman: http://www.holidaycoro.com/Singing-Snowman-p/105.htm It can be setup as a plain snow man or with optional hat and scarf. Thanks, David HolidayCoro.com
  5. Here is the Ad-Tech glue with UV protection that we've recommended: http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/hotglue-24-10in.htm
  6. What I don't think most people know is that hot glue (or more technically, hot melt adheasive) isn't all the same - there are litterally hundreds of different hot glues for just about every type of use.
  7. This is due to the output in LOR S3 when using the HolidayCoro programmer as a DMX output device. If you take the same sequence and play it using xLights, you'll find that it works fine. I'd recommend using one of the LOR S3 "supported" DMX output dongles if you are not using an application like xLights for sequence scheduling (though I would): http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/16319-supported-dmx-adapters/
  8. Looks like this was a correct statement after all.
  9. 9ga rods: http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/misc-24instake.htm
  10. Using a USB hub, powered or not, will make no difference. The only solution is to create additional LOR networks with addtiional 485 adapters. Ideally, you could switch to DMX running over E1.31.
  11. No - it doesn't matter what type of adapter you use - they are all still just RS485 adapters. This is a function of the speed at which the LOR protocol runs and the overall design of the protcol. The solution for excessive commands can only be solved with a faster network speed (not possible that I know of) or a method within the LOR software to warn you when there are too many commands for a given period of time.
  12. We've moved a few items around and the link has changed to: http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?RefineBy_Category=&s=animated&Submit=Search
  13. I'm afraid that I don't. I'm not sure how much it differs from the current versions we have (I'm sure it differs a lot from the Glee version) but you might listen to both songs at the same time (on youtube) and see how much they differ and if they don't differ that much, you could just nudge around the timings to get it to match up. Thanks, David
  14. It looks slightly off because the screen capture program I use is only able to capture about 10-15 FPS instead of the ~30 FPS that the sequence can generate. So yes, it looks slightly "off" but when you view the actual sequence, it looks fine. Thans, David
  15. We have Thriller for both the Singing Pumpkin and two Thriller Glee edition for the Singing Monster Quartet. Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer! David HolidayCoro.com
  16. People are Stange by The Doors http://youtu.be/H-DuOgxvXOQ
  17. I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow http://youtu.be/z15rLP4wyTE
  18. We've added a few new additional Singing Pumpkin Animations. These are for LOR S2/S3 and will import into LightShow Pro 2.x. Designed for use with HolidayCoro Singing Pumpkins but can be used with your own design such as wireframes. * Includes sequencing for 16 Channels: - Pumpkin Outline - Eyes Open - Eyes Constant (Closed) - Top Mouth - Middle Mouth - Wide Mouth - "O" Mouth - Narrow Mouth - 8 Channels for mini pumpkins (Pumpkin Bunch) or other elements such as tombstones. Priced very reasonable at just $2.99 to $3.99! Superstition by Stevie Wonder We also have seven additional singing pumpkin sequences from 2011.
  19. We sell a 70" tall star that works with RGB lights and had individually controlled arms: http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/46.htm You might also get some other ideas if you are building your own star from some of ours (we sell four different types): http://www.holidaycoro.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=star
  20. Coro that is "corona treated" (most white is always treated) will take pretty much any paint. Heck, I even used latex paint on my corostars two years ago and there is no flake off of the paint. Of course you should always test first.
  21. That depends... You maybe refering to 4mm coro but there is coro all the way up to 25mm which would need a hurricane to get it to bend. That said, bending it's bad - it's what nature does - ever see a tree that didn't bend? You can either design an item that never bends and needs to over come large forces or you can adapt and have an element that bends instead of breaks.
  22. 100ct White on green wire - $2.99: http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/bulbs-incan-100ct.htm
  23. HolidayCoro has released RGB basic and pixel candy canes - 45" tall, 18.5" wide and 3" deep: http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Coro-Cane-Cane-for-Pixels-p/260.htm
  24. At about $45 per flood, its pretty hard to beat the functionality that RGB provides. HolidayCoro has super easy to build floods that work right with your LOR sequences you already have by just adding a $20 DMX dongle. Everything is documented in step-by-step videos and we also offer phone/email/chat support if you get stuck. Go with the RGB flood - you won't regret it! http://www.holidayco...Light-p/171.htm How to work these floods with LOR and other sequencing applications:
  25. Hi - David from HolidayCoro here. I get a number of calls each week from people amazed with what pixels can do to their display but they don't fully understand the hundreds of choices and options they have when it comes to pixels. I'd recommend against purchasing a pixel solution until you feel completely comfortable (it sounds like you may already be there.) Pixels are still in what I'd consider "first generation" and cheaper and better solutions are coming over the next two years and they'll be more plug and play. As to your question - we have a pre-made candy cane solution that is a bit more sophisticated in it's diffusion and while it's designed mostly for pixels, you can also use it with basic RGB modules. You can find our CoroCane here: http://www.holidayco...-Cane-p/260.htm If you want to just add DMX devices and are looking to do it as inexpensively and easy as possible, we've got a flow chart for that: We also have a step-by-step video on how to use our $20 DMX dongle with LOR S3 and setup RGB channels (be sure to switch to HD viewing). If you have questions, please feel free to call, email or IM us on how to get our products working with LOR:
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