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    I first started when my daughter told me about a house that had a computerized Christmas display.
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    Sharpsville, IN
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    Have run light-o-rama software for 10 years. Last year had 592 channels with 130,000 lights
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    Computer Light sequencing
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    Computer Analyst
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    www.sharpsvillelights.com tells everything about the display.
  1. Got all ours down last weekend. Took seven 8 hour days. Always have some damage by rodents who eat thru SPT wires. But this year they ate thru a 16 guage power cord. Wonder if he got fried?
  2. Holiday Projectors, Enjoy your vacation. Hope you are someplace warm. Thanks for the offer on the camel, however we are looking at 36" resin pieces.
  3. Thanks Statman, We bought some of the pieces from the Hobby Lobby set on the after Christmas sale. Missing one of the kings (standing) and the Angel. Also have 1 cow. Hoping to get a picture from Dan (holiday projectors) on the Bronners camel as I cannot see it on their site.
  4. I have looked on the Bronners website and don't see them. Just want to make sure they are to scale to the 36" set I have. Where are you located and do you have a picture or URL of the bronner site?
  5. I have called around to other Hobby Lobby's in Indiana and all of them were out. I would like to get the Angel you talked about. Dan, What is the size of the camels and what is your asking price?
  6. Lightsofthenight, I will take a look at your videos this weekend.
  7. Tandemjoe, Probably going to ask you alot of quesitons on this subject. - First of all what is the difference between a rainbow flood and rgb flood? - How to the colors show up on a dark background. Our house is dark brown log wood. Does this create a problem. - I am thinking of using the floods for 2 purposes. - We have a 90' covered porch which runs the length of the house. Want to light the porch up with different colors. How many do I need for this? - Building a 15' manger sceen in the yard. How many do I need for this. - I currently have a 2 port dongle running off my USB port. I run one line to the east side of the house and another to the west side of the house. I have 22 controllers which cover 2 acres.
  8. Looking for additional pieces to our 36" nativity which we just purchased. The set which we bought at Hobby Lobby was missing one of the kings, an angel and several animals. Also looking for ideas on how to incorporate this static display into our computerized display. Thanks!
  9. Want to purchase 150' of blue LED rope light to outline the roof. Where is a good place to buy?
  10. I second Holiday Light Express (http://www.holiday-light-express.com/). I bought over 300 strings in the pre sale last year. They are very bright and only had 1 failure which the warranty will cover. Will be ordering some more this year.
  11. Sharpsvillelights


    I was thinking about getting CCR's last year but then a friend of mine used CCP's and I like them because of their durability. Does anyone have thoughts on this product and is LOR the only place to purchase them?
  12. I want to use some RBG Rainbow floods in my display next year. Don't know much about them or where to purchase them. Would appreciate any information as I know I should be buying them by the end of January. We have a 90' long covered porch and thought I could use it to light up the porch. Thanks for the help!
  13. I also purchased a 36" nativity from Hobby Lobby. Because it was on clearance it was not a complete set. Missing one of the kings and a few of the animals. Does anyone know where I can get these. As far as lighting I too would like some recommendations. My two options are as follows. 1. Off to the side of the Christmas display we have a large veterans memorial which we keep lit throughout the show. One idea is to place it here and light it all the time, but it would be further from the street. 2. The second idea is we have a sleigh in the display where we take pictures of children with Santa. We could place the nativity here as it is closer to the street and in a location where people would see it as they stand in line to see Santa in his sleigh. Although this seems like the better location, would lighting it all the time take away from the rest of the display.
  14. Holiday Light Express has a sale which ends on January 30 for LED lights. The 3 year limited warranty appears good and the lights are full wave and seated. Does anyone have any experience with this vendor. Plan to place the order this weekend.
  15. I bought 10 sets of the GE multi-color changing 36 count icecylce lights from Lowe's in Dec 2010. When I plugged them into my 2011 display, they emitted an RF signal which was picked up by the controllers. This problem caused lights to come on thoughout the yard when they were not supposed to. Spent several hours with the GE help desk with no success. The filter which you place on the electrical cord is supposed to limit the interference. I finally removed them from my display and the problems went away. I installed the lights in my neighbor's yard separate from my display just to get the effect.
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