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    I have always been a big fan of Christmas and the light shows. This will be only my second year of doing so..
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    God, Family, Christmas
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    128 Light-O-Rama channels 65000 LED's, 1 Mega tree, 2 Mini Mega tree's 8-4 foot leaping arches 2 angels and a NEW TRAIN!!!!!!
  1. The New year is well under way and most of us have our display ideas for this year under way as well. As we at AWS Lighting have just completed some updates on our website we wanted to reach out to the Planet Christmas Community and offer a 15% discount on your total purchase form AWS Lighting. This includes all items on our site, from products to sequencing and everything in between! At AWS we will assist you in creating that perfect display start to finish or just adding that special something to your existing display. We provide custom wireframe to your design or you may choose from our
  2. My prayers go out to his family. I am local and if there is anything I can do to help out with anything don't hesitate to give me a buzz. Respectfully, Cris
  3. Fade in, solid then fade out allowing the channels to over lap just a bit and it will give you that look.
  4. I have something similar to what you are talking about in the R&D area now. Should be testing it in late January.
  5. Have you tried uninstalling it and then redownloading and installing it again?
  6. The individual we did this tree for didn't want one as it is on a major HWY. But they may change their mind.....hopefully!
  7. Forgot to add, the sound is just a radio station, there was no FM transmitter connected to the LOR w/MP3 director.
  8. This is a 20' tall Spiral Mega Tree, it has Red, White, Blue and Green strands of LED's. There are 10 - 2' baby trees around it and a 6' leaping arch centered in the front of the display. I couldn;t get a good shot from the front as this is on a major hwy. Hope everyone likes it!
  9. Plug an extension cord from direct power into the 2 strands, if they don't come on, check your fuses. If they are good disconnect the strands and check each one individually. Hope that helps. Keeps us posted. Cris
  10. Welcome aboard! Look around and gives us a buzz if we can help ya with anything.. Merry Christmas and Have a safe and happy New Year!
  11. After my CLS Mega kit was finally shipped 43 days after payment, I recieved it a week later. Not a good start. Once I opened the kit up, I was saddened to see the small tack welds holding things together. Upon attempting to assemble the kit, the tack welds on the base stand all broke and I wound up having to grind the pieces of pipe into saddle shapes and then completely weld around the pipes. Problem one solved. On installation, the head wabbled so badly, that I couldn't keep the light strings tight, so I drilled out 4 holes it the upper ring, and ran 4 eye bolts with nuts on the through the
  12. Depends on the arch length. Larger arches can be naturally bent by just the tension on the PVC. Use sucker rods on each enad for arches up to an 8' PVC arch, above that you may need to use some support structure to stabilize them.
  13. How can you reduce the overall length of an LED light string? 11 is too short and 23 is too long, can they be cut down without too much trouble?
  14. Any luck on the snow machine? Any pics? I'd love to see what you have come up with.
  15. Well, I don't have a picture, but I'll get you one this evening. I used a 4' piece of 4" PVC with a srew coupler. I drove that into the ground flush and capped it off. When Christmas comes around, I remove the cap and screw in the coupler attached to the 10' piece of PVC that is my Mega tree. No fuss and easy to do by yourself.
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