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  1. Here is my version of a department store window from my 2018 display. The picture at the beginning and end shows what it looks like standing outside my dining room window:
  2. Will the real Santa please stand up.
  3. Looks like a great product for someone looking for plug-and-play ease. If you're handy with zipcord and vampire C9 sockets, you can do the same for about the same cost. The best thing of doing it yourself is that you add the sockets where they need to be along the wire. Use more than one wire and the strobes can be fired offset for a more random effect.
  4. I had two homes last year for the show. This year it was four. I'm slowly getting the whole block! Links to two videos can be found here: http://www.nychristmaslights.com/photo_gallery/2013/2013.html
  5. If the electricity doesn't kill you, the heat from incandescents will! Make sure you choose LEDs.
  6. I deleted my post because it wasn't meant for this topic.
  7. Thank you. The bowls are plastic so I took a pair of metal snips and cut two notches in each bowl. Each notch is in the shape of a inverted pyramid. I press the light string's wire into the notch which holds the bowl in place. I use a staple gun to staple the light string wire in place. This works for me because I can take off the bowls and nest them together so they store easily. I moved to the bigger pails after I saw how small the bowls appeared from the road. The other issue I ran into is the bowls were being dragged by heavy snow and were trying to slide off the porch roof. The pails
  8. I first used translucent salad bowls lit underneath with a clear C9 string on my porch roof as gumdrops. Now I use beach pails on the porch roof and the salad bowls on the porch railings. I think the cost per bowl/pail was about a dollar each. Chuck
  9. They look great! How far back is your projector from the pumpkins?
  10. That's not recommended. All projectors need to cool off the lamp housing before they can be turned completely off. If you kill the power, the lamp housing will transfer the heat to the entire projector's inside which will melt and/or fry the unit. I've been searching for a learning remote that has a scheduling feature but I've been unsuccesful so far. I would use that as a way to use it's wireless remote signal to start the projector's shut down sequence. I could use that to start it up the next evening too.
  11. Home Depot had LED floods on the shelf too but no pricing anywhere. I'd be interested if they could be dimmed by a LOR controller.
  12. Welcome Santa Sean! Share some pics of your display or a link to a website or Facebook so we can see your display.
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