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  1. im ready to throw all my dmx stuff in a pile and say forget it this year
  2. I cant get my enttec pro dongle from holidaycoro to work with lor s3 software. I installed all the drivers and everything shows up in the control panel properly but no output to the lights.....I have control lights on. What am I doing wrong? Is there a different adapter that is easer to use and set up than this one?
  3. I have been looking into buying a bunch of strobe lights for this season what is the better way to go led or the standard ones? and if you were me who would you order them from?
  4. cascading leds. Where is the best place to order these from?
  5. I have seen these icicle style lights they look to be 2 feet long and a bunch of people use them in big trees.....my question is where do you get them?
  6. I bought several diy holiday coro floods this year and am now running out of time to build more...where would I go about finding some that are assembled ready to go? Not really sure what I'm doing with rgb so would I be able to mix 2 brands of floods on the same dongle?
  7. Don't twist! Zip tie...I probably over do it but I put one every foot...I have 48 rgbc for my mega tree and 60 for my bushes and other trees. It savea sooo much time over wrapping each color. Bill is rite if you twist them its almost impossible to replace a dead strand. If you think it takes time to build them...wait till you want to take it apart 3 x longer
  8. Lows by me no loonger has incans.....because I bought every 100 set they hsd. 8 cases of each red green blue and clear....looks like I need to start building my new trees!!!! I love incans...but I do have warm white leds for my icicles and a few other things. They look almost like incans, most people are suprized when I say they are actually led. The best part is they are constant on if a bulb falls out the rest all still stay lit....no more dead sections :-)
  9. It may be crazy but as soon as im done wiring my last couple controllers I will be laying out the cords and hanging lights....every year I seem to add more but there is never more set up time. So I guess we will have to deal with long grass where the cords are laying if it decides to grow more this year
  10. Do not put a stp2 plug ob stp 1 wire all you will hacd is a big bunch of problems I had to do this my first year because I ordered the wrong ones and it was a huge hassle. However I have jamed stp 2 wire into a stp 1 plug and that works well its just hard to cram the wire into the plug and get the cover slid over it
  11. Yea that's sbiut what I spent on mine. They are probably getting cheaper noe that everyobe seems to be going all led
  12. I would say a mega tree is a good place to start...I would say use incans if you are on a budget, otherwise led is the way to go
  13. They are all clear white wire some are 150 lights per set others are 300 per set....sone of these are new and a couple sets of them twinkle
  14. I have about 10 sets of icicle lights if someone needs them for their trees. $1 plus shipping....found them the other night and had this post in mind
  15. I have you covered for clear. Sent you a pm
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