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  1. Thank you for the feed back. I've been on TV before at my old house and had no problems with traffic or any of the bad things you speek of. Happy Thanksgivings everyone.
  2. I just got a call from our local news achor. They want to do an interview about my display. Which is way cool. But I wanted to hear things you wish you did or didn't say in your interview. Thanks, Rick
  3. FBinthesouth what is a relative small fee to you mean? I'm think about getting an unbrella policy for the display. Before I start looking I wanted to know a ballpark price. thanks
  4. if you don't mind me asking. over all cost and how hard was it to get your power company it run the new line and meter? I'm going to add a sub panel this year. But I'm think about upgrading
  5. Thanks Johnny, I think the effect looks the same too.
  6. Does anyone else know will I get the same spiral effect if I use incandecents?
  7. hotrod1965, So I will get the same spiral effect if I used incandescents?
  8. So I'm going to add a spiral tree this year. Before I can to purchase lights what to I need for a spiral tree. I'm going to use a 16 channel LOR. Thanks for the help.
  9. I live in Westerville, OH and would like to meet some other Planer Christmas Peeps. Rick
  10. I live in Westerville, OH and would like to meet some other Planer Christmas Peeps. Rick
  11. Dazzling Christmas Lights.com 649 Old Coach Rd Westerville, OH 43081 60,000 lights mix of LOR and DMX setup up for 6 years now.
  12. Started Friday with the roof. Got about 35% done on the first day (the roof that is). Went back up today a little windy and rainy. But I got half done now. Some of my neighbors where surprised that I was starting Christmas lights this early I told them it was for halloween. Wish me luck
  13. I just installed four new breakers and four GFCI's. Tomorrow I'll run the cat5 line. But I will start to install the first string of lights the 1st of Oct. This is my first year with a big display so I'm going to start a little early to fingure everything out first. `Rick
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