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    good but can always be better...about 8000 lights on gemmy light show
  1. sounds like you're saying I could use the 16/2 spt-2 wire with the spt-2 clips if I can't find 18 gauge spt-2...at the same time I could probably use them with 18 gauge spt-1? I think the test cable is the way to go... your right...next time I buy cable and clips together! This has been a learning experience and I just don't want to cause any electrical issues...
  2. thanks for all of your responses...I am in Wellington (palm beach county)...I will reach out if I need some...I was thinking maybe you were dumping some custom cords....
  3. I just received 100 clips from Novelty lights...I ordered the SPT-2 versions (10 amp)...what I am trying to determine is whether SPT-2 clips are designed for 18 or 16 gauge spt-2 wire...I read that you can not use them with spt-1 as the tooth will go through the entire cable...any help is appreciated....trying to finish up the display and I need to solve this...thanks
  4. Chuck - what do you have? I am running ragged looking for a 1000 ft of 18/2 spt-2 to finish some arches. Joe
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