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    Awesome! My link I enjoyed Marks 'The Kringles' This year as well!
  2. Wait..... I'm confused? Does this mean we are supposed to take them down?
  3. Family Dollar has them now for 10 Cents a (Dozen) box full sized ones. Different flavors as well as Peppermint. Blueberry, Cherry, Green Apple... So on.
  4. Pretty sure theres Folks out there who really do Copy others... http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/45242-Imitation-is-the-Sincerest-Form-of-Flattery?highlight=sincerest When I first saw this one all I could think was... I Seriously wonder How many People Saw this persons Display and said!?! HEY "I Think I Saw This House On The Internet Someplace" :eek:
  5. I'm just going to post the link for this one..... The 'Viewers' Language is rather Harsh! So I'm not going to imbed it but instead add a *Strong Language Warning* But at 0:58 when the all knowing listener says "Oh yeah...Good Tune Too!...This is the ~Trans-********-Orchestra~" I Almost spit my soda onto my Keyboard! :D:D
  6. Leave it to the School System to 'Purchase' something that was Free
  7. Some of the downloads are free. The rest you can purchase.. http://www.northpointmusic.org/christmas/
  8. Something New and Different I just watched tonight! Thought I'd pass it along here.
  9. I have the LASOC, a Gemmy and a Sound Sensor unit. I turn it on and off manually each night. I'm sure I could place it on a timer but as cold as its been here the past month mine starts in 'Chipmunk Mode' most nights so I need to flip the switch 2 or 3 times to reset it to normal music speed. I did need to do constant maintenance every night for about the first week of my display. Securing light strings, reattaching extension cords, replacing bulbs... So on. My only ~maintenance~ of any type Now is the need to clear Snow buildup from the Sound Sensors microphone!
  10. Already posted on a Community Wide Announcments Thread here, But this helps make it seen by more members I'm sure! Cool program! http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/45923-Personalized-message-from-Santa-fun-for-the-kids
  11. On Tonight again at 8:00-10:00 EST If anybody missed seeing it!
  12. I hope everybody sees the Humor in this Video! I am sure God has a sense of humor, and it does still have plenty of good spirit even with the modern twists added! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZrf0PbAGSk&feature=youtu.be
  13. Awesome Video John! But Are we supposed to nick-name you Pinhead~Storms now? I'm Confused!?!
  14. Nothing beats hearing it from the Viewers Perspective! Towards The end is the best part! :cool: LOL.....Quoting the Christmas Vacation Dub-Over..... "I Dunno....They said its like Italian Imported Christmas Lights...Whatever That Means!" "The Radio?... Their House is Famous for Christmas Lights?" "They Sync'ed it somehow to That Radio Station" "That Radio Station only comes in here!...Like ..we didnt get it across the Street!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4IHBmOV04w
  15. Sounds like you would do better to build something that could withstand the traffic. Perhaps a wooden 'Bridge' of sorts? Made of say Furring Strips spaced enough distance apart to run lines of Blue Ropelights between them. Regular One By boards would do the same thing depending on how many 'Gaps' of Blue Light you want in your Bridge. You could stain the wood or paint it to look like an actual Bridge and even build Railings on each side of the road to also help maintain the gaps for the lights between the boards. As well the first and last board could be ripped at a 'shim' angle to ease car tires onto the actual platform even though the whole thing would only actually be 3/4 of an inch high/thick.
  16. This is happening for a reason, IT IS RAINING! Running your show in the rain can be quite dangerous as it is. My opinion is to NOT ignore the warning signs and play it safe instead of trying to bypass a potentially dangerous problem. Post a 'Rain Date' for the show They will understand!
  17. Try Searching Ebay... Probably most stores will be sold out this time of the season! http://cgi.ebay.com/GE-Lights-Sounds-Christmas-EXCELLENT-WORKING-COND-/400179600419?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d2c901c23 Good luck
  18. THAT Is a Riot!....LOL I Have watched a lot of LASOC videos on Youtube and am actually used to turning the sound Way up to hear the music. I am also used to seeing Displays that truely look like they Tripped and fell with their light boxes when bringing them out of the house, Plugged them in and said... Okay its done! Not to be harsh but I have seen videos of Light-O-Rama users that looked this same way, spending hundereds even thousands of dollars for giant Displays that ~Still~ look like 'I had to hurry and hang all the lights because the kids had soccer practice' Or Maybe its just me but if I see something small like... Two matching front windows, The Left one blinks the Bottom and Right side frames to one note of music, As the Right window blinks All four sides to that same note... Then 10 notes more into the song that Left window's Top and Left sides blink to a different note! Its great when you see somebody took the time to 'Create' their Display! And its easy to spot when time was involved just planning and thinking about how it will look to others once its done. This can be done no matter what type of Display! There are some truely Beautiful Static Displays as well as Syncronized ones.
  19. Sorry Dennis, but that is a Negative! My property is a 39 Acre Nut Grove! A Squirrel can not travel more than 15 yards in any given direction without passing a healthy fruit or nut bearing tree. And this year they STILL jumped from nut filled trees onto a building with absolutely no purpose for them what-so-ever just to chew through over 15 strings of newely hung Christmas Lights! Now I suggest THEY Feed Me!
  20. Great Job! Not a thing to laugh at! Heck I'm so happy with My LASOC I have it linked to my Signature on here. People dont ride shuttle busses from the Airport just to see my show... But at least they do stop and watch them now and again. I figure If just one little kid smiles and likes it, It was worth the time put into the display.
  21. Walmart 'Did' have them.... Sold out for this year now! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sparkle-Icicle-LED-Light-String-Set-with-5-Shooting-Stars-Cool-White/12164856
  22. I got those at Walmart, But that was 2 months ago they were $25.00 a set before selling out.
  23. Welcome to PC! But now I am trying to think of which Comedian it was who said they flew over Paducah Kentucky and thought that Paducah.. was the 'sound' his extremely small plane would make falling out of the sky!...LOL Bill Engvall I think it was?? Anyhow, Your display looks great! Welcome to the insanity!
  24. Yeah I have to admit I keep being 'Tempted' to just leave it play that way just maybe one night!
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