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    100.000 lights last year on 64 channels of LOR heading to 250,000 this year
  1. Channel 6 from Philadelphia came today to shoot video of the train and it aired at 5pm and I missed it. Thank goodness some friends dvr'd it and i'll get to see it tomorrow.
  2. I am at 6262 Summit Bridge Rd in Townsend. On Rt 71 , 1 mile south of the light at Main St in Townsend.
  3. The below picture is the same 'kid' that is on the 1962 picture!!
  4. This year I expanded to 80 LOR channels running 100,000 lights with and additional 40,000 static. I laso have a variety of inflatables and blow molds. This year I went with my first mega tree using 7300 lights, 24 channels and 25' high. The big attraction this year is the train in my yard. The train was hand built in 1957 by a local duPont engineer because he loves Christmas as much as all of us. It is still powered by the original 1957 Briggs and Stratton 3hp engine and is a huge hit every night it is running. The first picture below was taken around 1962.
  5. This years display includes a ride on train I aquired this summer. I would like to add a 'trip' switch on the track that would turn on a 110v line when the train hits a certain point. This will be used to light up Mrs. Claus who has a waving arm to wave at the train as it passes.
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