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  1. I just used two 55 gallon drums to store all of the ext cords. They are picture at the bottom of the pic
  2. I just used two 55 gallon drums to store all of the ext cords. They are picture at the bottom of the pic
  3. As you all can tell from these pics I like to add a lot more lights to them. This year I will be added green and red to them. Thanks
  4. Where is the best place to find these 3D wireframe deer at?
  5. I believe you could get these at any Home Depot or lowes store.
  6. Where could buy some 1/4 rod at? All the places I know are extreme high
  7. Very cool!! Fireworks always a nice touch!!!!!
  8. I was wondering if anyone else tried this before: buying some of those all white blow molds(ones haven't been painted yet) and put different color bulbs in them and see how they look. (Like red and green bulbs) just wondering???
  9. Nice!!!!! And a nice pickup truck too!!
  10. Here is mine old one http://www.facebook.com/pages/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722 And the new one to come in a few.......
  11. I think for application you will need a different kind of strobes other than the CLS strobes. American DJ makes a nice one and is really more durable than most of the ones we used in Christmas displays. They last around 5000 hrs and they do cost more $$$$ but in the long run you will buy less of them. Plus you can adjust the flashes per second which is really cool. They call it city flash which is an egg strobe. Here is a web page that still sells them http://www.silverflight.com/li/strobes/amdjmiscstrobes.htm With some research you could find them a little bit cheaper than that site. Hope this helps out!!!! Here are some stats from American DJ web page: • City Flash is a water resistant mini Strobe Light that will screw-in to any medium screw base light bulb socket (indoor/outdoor use) • Great for bands, DJs, home parties or special effects & theatre productions • Includes replaceable clear dome • Optional dome colors sold separately: Yellow (City Dome/Y), Green (City Dome/G), Blue (City Dome/B), or Red (City Dome/R) • 3 Flash Modes: Slow Flash (1 flash per 3 second), Fast Flash (3 flashes per second), Police Flash (11 flashes per second followed by 2 second intervals) • Power: 120V, 7W • Lamp Life: Approx 5,000 hours • Dimensions: 3.5” x 2” / 88x50mm • Weight: .5 lbs. / .20 kg.
  12. second pic is the first stop at walmart, getting around 15,000 clear minis. first pic is 26,000 multi color minis that i just pickup today
  13. I would agree with inspector4 it all depends on what it looks like during the day. I would paint the pvc to blend into what is behind it so it doesnt stick out or make the display look bad.
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