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  1. i have 8 snowflakes on my roof. one is stuck on and will noy go off. i use lor controllers. what can i do to fix this problem? thanks
  2. I have noticed my led lights flickering when dimming. what is some solutions to this problem? thanks for any help steve f..
  3. i thought i had bought this song, but i can not find it. can anyone tell me where they purchased it? thanks for your help!!
  4. last night we had 2" of rain. my wife woke me up at 5am to tell me part of my arch was on. any ideas on what is wrong? thanks for your help and ideas.
  5. we got our mistake fixed and were able to get the show off on time. last night we had 200 cars. we were shocked at the crowds being out so early this year. this was tangie's first year and i put quite a challenge on her, but her talent has amazed me. as soon as we have video i will post. thanks for everyones help. my daughter works for me and i am hard on her and sometimes i do not compliment her, but the fact she pulled off 204 channels with the quality it is, this is to say thanks tangie, you did awesome.
  6. LOL @ Stoff... MUCH NEEDED laugh THINK I may have the problem solved... *fingers crossed* will let you know in a bit!!
  7. Paul, Yea HUGE jump!! THis is my first year doing any of this and my stepdad's (his show) 2nd year. 204 your first year uhm OVERWHELMING!!! to say the least!! lol Thanks sooo much trying it now!
  8. You guys are amazing and truly appreciate your willingness to help as well as your time!! I am sitting down now to start trying these ideas!! Was hoping to start earlier BUT that lil thang called "life" had other plans, lol!! Clyde Lindsey...thanks so much for your words of encouragement, much needed. Helped me to put things in perspective!!!!
  9. my daughter just went home. this is her first year and she is pretty much freaking. our show starts up thursday, and she does not know where to turn. any help for her would be great as she has put her heart and soul into this show and what looks great on the laptop looks bad outside. we went from 64 channels to 204 and she thought she had it.
  10. Okay SOOOO, went to test my show and things are NOT lining up. Lights that should be on, aren't... lights that shouldn't be on, are... when I watched the show via animation while programming it all was good... HELP!?!?!?!?! ANY SUGGESTIONS or THOUGHTS or ANYTHING???? I have 4 metal boxes I used last year and still same unit number, i have new plastic boxes for this year as well. Last year had similar problem but my brother was doing the programming and is not longer living in the area to help. Some things arent workin while others are on the same controllers as well. Seem to be mostly with metal boxes. ANY AND ALLLLLLLL HELP IS SOOOOOO APPRECIATED!!!!
  11. steve f.


    i just had a friend call and ask me to make his 50' silo into a candycane. does anybody have suggestions on best types of lights or rope lights to manage this to make it look most realistic?
  12. my 20' mega tree has 144 sets of lights with 16 channels. last year , the biggest compliments came on my tree. i use 4 colors and with that many strands, it appears to be many more colors.
  13. thanks for your input. i have been on the road 14 hours and just got in. i will show this to my daughter in the am as she works for me. i hope lor comes through, but we will find out shortly. as my wife put it to me bluntly, steve what i have watched you go through waiting to hear from lor is not what i call you enjoying this hobby. i have to much investment, and i do not mean money, but my church food pantry as well as some less fortunate kids are set to benefit this year. thanks again for your input.
  14. i have 4 controllers now.while at xmas expo, my daughter took the full immersion class. at the end she was offered to buy that day and they would be shipped later. so i gave them my order and assumed i would get them. i just found out that this did not happen and that meant we were not on backorder list.we totally redid show thinking we would get these units, but it looks like in order to get how ever many they will limit you to you will need to be glued to your computer and hope for the best. every post i read said lor always comes through. i guess i will just wait and find out. my daughter and myself took a giant leap going from 64 to 204 channels, but we both felt like we could make it happen. this is her first year and she has put her heart and soul into this show. her response yesterday was that i don't think i can get another show ready. we are supposed to open the night before thanksgiving. please do not take this as complaining, just doing a little venting and searching for ideas. thanks!!
  15. just wanted some input. due to lor not having supply and not knowing how many they will be selling, i am thinking of switching. i know nothing about al. i just redid my show totally and have 204 channels, up from 64 last year. does the al work similar to lor and are they dependable? also does anybody know the limit lor will be having? thanks for your input
  16. also, do you just wrap yours or do you use sleeves? also what size lights do you use?
  17. i am using a solid 20 ft. section for each one.
  18. I am getting ready to build 5 of the large arches with 8 channels each. how many lights do you suggest for each channel? thanks for any help. Steve f.
  19. I have to go to lowes tomorrow, so i will take a look. I have several new plans for 2011 show and thought i could get a good head start, but it looks like my plate is starting to overload in march already. lots to be thankful for, but i have a hard time saying no to people in need. thanks for your help.
  20. is this 1" thickness you are talking about?
  21. today, I put my first arch together temporarly. I used 1" sch 40 pvc in 10 ft. sections and put them together with a male and female adapter; my question is has anyone had any problems with the pressure breaking the joints / so far so good. Do you recommend placing a small pipe like Lauderdale Christmas did in his video or do you think they will work with the adapters only.
  22. who do i need to contact as i haven't attended one of these events?
  23. i will be using them on the house, which currently has m5's on them. i plan on keeping the m5"s on my mega tree. i am pleased with the m5's, but i have been told that you get better fading from the larger lights and that they are much brighter. i also used 15,000 m5's on the ground that turned out good. we have not posted our videos on pc yet, as they did not turn out the best. you can go to you tube and a friend of mine posted 3 songs. they are listed under frazier light show. that would give you an idea on what we did for our first year.
  24. I am getting my plans in order for 2011 and when i talked to my lighting dealer, she suggested going from the m5's to either the c7 or c9 bulbs. i guess my question is, is it worth the difference in price to switch over to the larger bulbs and what advantages would the larger ones have?
  25. i sent you a message but have not heard back. did you get a message about the size and about what it would cost?
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