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  1. I put this up last year so I figured I should do it again for any displays in the Valley. This is to have your house marked by the map in the Republic and on azcentral. The Arizona Republic/azcentral.com Holiday Lights map 2012 will publish December 12th in the community Republic’s and December 13th in the Things to Do sections of the Republic. For a $5 donation to our annual Season for Sharing campaign your holiday display can be featured in print and online. Since you've participated before, we didn't want you to miss the opportunity for your home to be featured this year. The online su
  2. I was looking at Craigs List and came across this, I figured I'd put it here in case anybody is interested. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/for/2891757304.html
  3. I'm more worried about how many of those bases I recognize, and I know exactly what strands they go to. I may have some issues.
  4. I did this last year and it seemed to work ok, but it's only been a year so I can't speak to its longevity. The lights I painted were novelty lights (holly and poinsettia), so it was more cost effective. I personally wouldn't use this method on minis or even large numbers of lights. Joeengler is right the paint isn't that cheap and the time investment is substantial. If you’re looking for large numbers go for the color caps.
  5. I personally like a spiral around the tree; it makes for a really impressive effect.
  6. Two minutes of intro felt a bit long, but good job. I'm a fan of... less common Christmas music.
  7. I'm sure it's now what you want to hear but I'd buy a second star and put them together, if that's possible.
  8. I have done this using several blue net lights probably 5 in length and 3 stacked for 15 total. Under all those I used white net lights with simple flasher bulbs. It was random without a chaser or sequenced but it wasn't bad. Truth be told my neighbor had a better effect with blue lights covered with a layer of some kind of blue cellophane. That's the best I've got.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by, "the plastic covers pop off"," but if you’re just looking for them to be more even and orderly; I hang them in the summer, to stretch them out. Heat and gravity do the rest.
  10. My policy on strobes is less is more, but if they're high in a tree they might bring in more traffic.. That's a tuff call without a picture in my head of what it looks like.
  11. I haven't seen a posting yet, so just a heads up. Registration for getting your house onto the map in the Arizona Republic, and AZ central has begun. I don't remember when it's over so I wouldn't wait. holidaylights.azcentral.com
  12. I know this isn't the most technical advice to give but, I always start with pushing the light in and maybe a good shake. This will work, or at least let you know which light is broken the vast majority of the time. One more thing, don't underestimate the importance of visual inspection, if something doesn't look right it probably isn't. Seriously though, good luck..
  13. The way I hear it the LED's will only be multi and warm white this year. Which is a real problem for me; I'm quite a few strands of blue and green short to finish projects. I haven't figured out what to do yet.
  14. They couldn't get rid of them fast enough last year, I can't imagine they'll make that mistake twice. Stranger things have happened though.
  15. Hmmm... That hadn't occurred to me... good question. I of course have no answer, but I would like one from a more knowledgeable person. Anyone?
  16. I know this isn't the question, but if I can give a piece of advice. My budget is always my limiting factor in my display, because of that a plan is very important to the growth of my display. I could have saved thousands if I had made a plan years earlier. Instead I have a pile of rubermade containers full of lights that I bought on impulse with no real idea what I was going to do with them (but they looked cool). They now sit unused at Christmas as I shed a single manly Yule time tear, and whisper "some day we'll find a place for you my blink little angels”.
  17. This is a reoccurring question on this forum; standard answer is Thanksgiving to New Years. Dates tend to vary depending on location, but seem to directly correlate to light count. If your lights only take a few hours to put up you tend to be further into December. If your lights take weeks or more to put up you tend to have them on earlier in November and run them longer. If your even on this forum in August, you can get away with before December 15th, tell you wife I gave you permission.
  18. I realize this kind of thing is beyond my level, but I would do things like proposals for an appropriate donation. Personally I would stay away from the advertising. As it sits I keep hearing about Christmas being too commercial, and people seem to think my lights are making it worse. Advertising in a display would just be asking for problems.
  19. Ok, I didn't quite understand until I saw the video, but now that I see it that is really good. It comes off as a spiral but with extra options. Brilliant!
  20. I didn't realize precharging was just for LED strobes, I'm sure glad I read this. Time for some reprogramming. Thanks
  21. I had a lot of changes this year so I started in November (before last years lights went up). Really no such thing as too early, you'll just have more time to change and refine your display. If you're anything like me it will change often and with costly consequences.
  22. Ok I hate to bring this back up, as it didn't generate much interest but, just fyi, I was working on some non-Christmas light projects (believe it or not) and I just happen to have clear pvc, pvc primer and electrical tape all within three feet of myself. So just as a test I did a quick spiral and used the primer and to my sup prize it made perfect lines with no bleeding at all. You do need to be careful as the primer does have an effect on the electrical tape, and should be done in a better ventilated area than I chose. All in all it does prove the concept if anyone was thinking about usin
  23. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the insane level of precision, and attention detail that manages to come out of this forum; it makes me smile every time. Thought I can never decide if it's good for me to see that there are in fact people like me out there or if it just makes me feel less "special." Either way very nice work.
  24. My wife has quit asking me what I'm thinking about, it's always the same answer.
  25. I usually don't comment on rants... but... That has got to be the worse question to be asked in a hardware store. Usually I just walk away at that point but every now and then when I've got nowhere special to be. I'll go into a long and very detailed explanation using every technical, and industry term I know to explain even the simplest concept. I can't help it I love to watch their look change from; you don't know what you’re doing to that distant look of confusion. (But don't do it when you’re already angry it just makes things worse.)
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