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  1. I know it's not the answer you're looking for but, How? I can't take your post seriously until I know how you misplace all that. I "misplace" stands all over but controllers and pallets, I can't accept that.
  2. I'm trying to make a simple fm transmitter out of junk around my house. I have a car fm transmitter and a set of rabbit ears that I've turned into a dipole antenna. The good news is it kinda works, the bad news is it uses a AAA battery that will be extremely difficult to get to when the whole thing comes together. Because it was intended to be used in a car I have a 12V cord for it and found a 12V power adapter to power the cord. When I tested it there is a strange humming and I'm getting nearly 3V out of the cord, I would have thought it should be 1.5V or close. The adapter is
  3. Don't feel bad I read the back of one of my boxes; it was not worded very well.
  4. Forty three is the number of strands you can connect in a row. Not the number of strands per outlet.
  5. I decorated my brothers’ house when he made the mistake of going out of town, and I've handed out dozens of extra strands to neighbors but mostly I just do repairs on their houses. I would have to admit given the option I would likely start to decorate my neighbors houses as well.
  6. It may be costly but some quick switching to LED's can make more difference than you may think.
  7. My first test on my controllers I couldn't stop smiling for hours (my wife said it was creepy). I'm curious to see what I look like when I finally get it up in the yard. I've been a steady mix of excitement and terror for weeks now, and it's getting worse every day. I haven't been this nervous since grade school.
  8. If it blew in the rain, then the problem is the rain. You got water in a cord between your GFCI and your controllers. These connections always have power even if your display is off. If you’re not running your display due to adverse weather you may want to pull the plug. The fact that both a breaker and a GFCI tripped just means they did exactly what they're supposed to.
  9. 1. You cannot string 3 then a cord. Your limiting factor is the first cord. The thin wire used can only handle so much. Plus there are fuses in the first cord to prevent you from going beyond the limitations of the cord. 2. Yes. LED's don't use much power so you can string a lot together. 3. Stringing different types of lights together can be a little tough. Hypothetically it's ok if you don't exceed the limitations but with different lights that can be difficult to figure out. Probably want to stay away from this for now. 4. Anything that keeps cords from shorting isn't
  10. When I go to the link all I get is a void over the coupon. Is it too late? Is the heat on to us?
  11. It looks like PEX piping supported by 2 *4's. No matter what it is, it would look great in a mega. Good luck.
  12. The Mr. Christmas can handle up to 12 amps before you blow the fuse. How may lights that is depends on the kind and type of lights you use. If you push 12 amps be sure the channels are split as evenly as possible. If it doesn't take the load you can do like I did and add contactors, and relay packs so it will take 60 amps, but friends and family will look at you funny.
  13. I like it. It's a good remix of a classic, but I'd have to agree that something with a bit higher tempo might synchronize better. Unless your looking for a slower song as a contrast. My advice is don’t over think it, if you like it do it. It’s much easier to program a song you like than one your just ok with.
  14. I think the problem is defining "too far". Nobody's actually written that any display is too far, just cluttered. I'm sure some of my neighbors think my house is cluttered with lights, but on pc there is a much higher threshold of too far. I don't think light count or display elements should be defined by acreage of your house, that being said you have to realize people will judge your display from their perspective not from yours.
  15. Do you have an fm transmitter? You'd just need a microphone, and some fm radios.
  16. I can't speak for every neighborhood but decorated houses in the area around my house have tripled in the years since I began to go all out on my display. Nobody wants to be the grinch house not doing anything. On a personal note, a trophy or plank would have motivated me more than a prize, or my name in the paper. (You’d be surprised how cheap than they are)
  17. Your in the right place there are a lot of "that guy" around here.
  18. I hope your ok, sorry about the display, but I'll look forward to the vengeance in 2011. Recover quickly.
  19. Very imaginative, I never would have come up with a live band idea. I'll be looking forward to seeing more.
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