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    Founder of Clovis Festival of Lights at Ladera Ranch which hosts Santa Claus Lane. Features 16 homes all synced to Christmas music.
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  1. A young man came to my door asking for the person who did the Christmas lights because he wanted to make his proposal to his girlfriend something unique. It was perfect- she had no idea!! Watch to the end to see :-)
  2. We had it professionally done- drone cost $4000!
  3. 16 houses all synced using LOR- this is our first year! Enjoy
  4. Located in Clovis, Ca nearly 50,000 LED Lights
  5. I fI could figure out how to post pictures- I can show you what we have- or I can email you the pic and how we did it. We have a custom little house that is for our Virtual Santa and our Hallowindon at Halloween. Inside has all our LO R controllers. You can email me at debtoewscomcast.net or tell me how to post pics if your interested. Hubby made it from plywood sheets , painted it black, made a façade that we flip according to the season. Has a back door with a lock.- Don't want anyone stealing my LED projector!
  6. We currently use cups hook and hubby uses a rigged up pool pole to get them on the house. We use 4 strings (red, white, blue, green) on both levels of the roofline. We have a story house and the top peak is about 44 feet up. We are trying to figure out a better/easier way to hang the lights up there. SO what/how do you do this? of course, we are making out to do list for Christmas 2014! Got pics? please post- thanks!
  7. Located in Clovis, CA Over 35,000 LED lights 272 channels of LOR
  8. Located in Clovis, CA Over 35,000 LED lights 272 Channels of LOR
  9. Located in Clovis, CA Over 35,000 LED Lights 272 channels of LOR
  10. Located in Clovis, CA Over 35,000 LED lights 272 channels of LOR
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