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    The Academy is a great event for all levels of interest. You will not be sorry if you can make it. More details will be released over the next few months but it is shaping up to be the best event to date.
  2. cvyvial

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    Welcome Zach. Lots of great resources out there. Any local event you can attend is always a great place to learn and share. Check out www.lonestarholidays.com/forums to meet some locals and also look at attending The Academy this summer for a three day learning event with a couple hundred other residential decorators www.theultimateacademy.com You wont be sorry!
  3. Only 4 weeks away now. Be sure to get registered. Lots of great classes on that list. Don't miss out!
  4. You are welcome back any time Darlene. It was great meeting you and John. This year is shaping up to be a great event too, but I think we are having more fun now than before.
  5. Tomorrow is the last day to get registered and be entered into the drawing to go for FREE!
  6. And the first one of the year is this Saturday and we will have 40 people attend. I think anyone considering attending any of the local events should go. You will learn a lot no matter the size or location of the event.
  7. I have used this one lately. Easier to see what things do than the MonsterList. http://www.hauntproject.com/
  8. I have been using the amp connectors for the last two years with no problems.I also use some molex and have never had a problem with the pins falling out. I don't use the molex exposed outside, but I know others that do and other than possible problems after a rain have been happy with the results. Here is a picture of a 15 channel junction box for my leaping arches. I have an 18 conductor cable that I bring from the controller to this box. I tape up the wires to prevent too much moisture from getting in the connections. I have had some water accumulated inside the box, but never enough to cause any problems. There are 3 shared neutral wires one for each set of 5 channels. Each channel only has a single 100 ct mini string. They sit on the ground all season and have never had a problem with them tripping the GFI. I love the amp product, but they do get expensive compared to a molex connector. They have a twist lock design so the do not pull apart. There is a gasket, but I can't say it does much. I get them from Mouser, but always looks for a better deal. The second picture is of the bottom of the controller box where the 15 channels come out.
  9. There is a photo gallery on the workshop website you can check out. http://houston2008.texaschristmaslights.com/
  10. Anyone flying in may have some extra turblance on Thursday. They do predict some rain all across the Texas coast Wed and Thurs. We all need some rain right now. My front yard looks like December and January BROWN!
  11. There will be people from over a dozen states attending!
  12. Only a few more days to take advantage of our procrastinators special. Thanks to all that have signed up. Be on the lookout for updates via e-mail for the latest details. Just over 3 weeks away! Register NOW! http://houston2008.texaschristmaslights.com/
  13. Want to attend the largest Christmas event of 2008
  14. What do you get when you have a bunch of Christmas fanatics decending on the largest event west of the Mississippi in just five short weeks? You get a DMX presentation featuring a 27' long, 12' high truss with probaly 50 DMX devices controlled with a Christmas controller. All presented by a stage lightning professional. This is not your neighbors smoke machine! You get the newest entrant to computer control, Galaxia, unveiling their new products publically to the world. What will they be able to do? You will find out with the rest of us. You learn how to create everything from an elegant water display synchronized to music to the intensity of a display filled with the explosions of pyrotechnics to finish it all off. You get to learn from over 20 instructors in classes ranging from the very basic to the very advanced. You get to mingle, ask questions, and purchase/order products from over a dozen vendors that are there to show off the products that have made each of them famous in the industry. You get to do all of this in a large, convenient location just north of Houston Texas. You get to join other decorators all day (including during catered lunches), see your old friends, and meet new ones. And you get to do all of this for just $60!! The 2008 TCL Workshop in Houston: Will you be there!
  15. What is Galaxia? We've all heard of it, but what is it exactly? Where and when can we get more information? When can we see more than that elf working on their website?? Have we got some exciting news for you... Galaxia is the newest lightning control company, and they will be attending the TCL workshop this summer! Members of the Galaxia team will be on hand to demonstrate their new lighting controller and software, and this is something you do not want to miss! In addition to attending (and being one of the sponsors of) the workshop, the developers of Galaxia will be teaching a class or two (watch for the finalized schedule early next week!) so you can see this new controller up close and ask questions about what the products can do. Interested in seeing the latest in Christmas technology? Join the many people already registered for the workshop and come on down to Houston this summer. You will be glad you did because this has become a TEXAS sized event above and beyond what you would expect. See you in less than six weeks! http://houston2008.texaschristmaslights.com/
  16. The long list of classes with descriptions has been added to the website. We will have 4 classes running at the same time so you can pick which class you attend. If you are on the fence you are running out of time to sign up. There is only about 4 weeks left to register. Don't miss out on the biggest Christmas event of the summer. http://houston2008.texaschristmaslights.com/class-details-2/
  17. Check out Val's Leds. She had a preseason sale a few weeks back, but her regular prices are good and are near the size you are looking for. I believe they use all mini light type LED's. You can check with her and get the details. http://www.valsleds.com/wire_frame_sculpture.htm
  18. portcity wrote: Just mypersonal experience, but I would not trust many of the typical electricians that wire up new homes. There may be one guy on site that has any experience and the others just do what they are told. The one guy may only have minimal experience and all of it is in new homes. They have no clue how to determine what someone else did in an existing home. You could be asking for trouble. I would get more quotes as your price does seem to be almost average compared to other prices I have seen. Some guys will allow you to supply materials and do the work for a flat fee. Never hurts to ask. Here was a thread by a buddy of mine last year that went through all kind of trouble getting quotes. http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=16284&forum_id=13&jump_to=155760#p155760
  19. I would ask for a sample and see what they look like. Even a picture would be good. We could then give youa better idea of if anyone was interested.
  20. It is not recommended to have multiple ground rods. You should run a ground back to the main panel. You should also have separate ground bar in the sub panel. A 100 amp (240V) breaker will allow you to get two 100 amp (120V) legs for a total of 200 amps of 120V service. Most sub panels thatI have used are 100-125 amps rated. The SO cable should work great for a temporary service, but it should also have a ground wire. I use it myself.
  21. I am not a electrician, but you should probably be using about a #2 for this application.
  22. For the time and effort why not just use a piece of spt wire and a female plug. The cost would be less than a dollar and not much time wasted. You could then install a multi pin connector to the end of the SPT.
  23. Welcome to PC Snowman. Plenty info to learn about in this forum. Lots of old threads that have some good info. Can't wait to meet you in July at the TCL Workshop. We are going to have a blast. Maybe you can meet a few other people this spring in your area and you can then carpool together to Houston.
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