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  1. I see. Well, there's no excuse for not providing goods which have been paid for, financial problems or not. That is not the buyers' problem. I'm sorry to hear about such a thing. Perhaps those close by should just pop on over and pick up their paid for molds, since they are likely sitting out in his front yard right about now!
  2. Heck, don't feel bad. It's been the same at the other end of the country as well. And look at what the weather has been like over in Europe! Terrible. It must be better next year!
  3. Hi Jen: I wasn't quite sure what you were trying to say, but it makes perfect sense now. I had a funny feeling you were trying to say just that. He is actually at the same house where he has been for the past 7 years or so, and his home address still shows up on his website. (At least I think so, haven't checked for over a month.) I don't think it is my place to comment publicly on what may - or may not - have happened with him over the last couple of years. However, having had to deal with his internet antics for the past couple of years if anyone would like to PM me I will point
  4. Sorry to bring up such an old thread again...but Dave is very much selling molds. I don't know why he isn't doing it on this site, but he has loads of pics and info on the DIY Chatroom site. He isn't actually supposed to sell anything on that site, but somehow he seems to be getting away with it. Maybe because he's a mod.
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