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    Have had my house for just over a year now. Had a small display last year. Looking to up that this year substantially.
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    Looking at buying the LOR 64 channel starter kit and putting in a mega tree this year. Always open to advice!
    Update, I ended up buying 96 channels and am now currently paying the price in LED light strings... OUCH!!!
  1. I built mine like a flag pole set up actually. Of course, I only have a 13 footish tree pole. I have 16 hooks screwed into a PVC floor drain. I raised it to about 6 feet, then put the mid section of guy wires on it. Then attached the lights and hoisted it up to the top and put an upper set of guy wires up on there. I used the 1 3/8 upper fence rail that is coated black which Lowe's carries. This set up could by used to build much taller, and I didn't bother doing a buckling calculation on the pole since it should be able to carry a pretty good amount of wieght. With two sets of guys it
  2. Was it working well on a different version? If that is all that changed and now it's acting goofy then I would say it probably is the software. I use 2.8.10 and it has ran flawlessly so far. (knock on wood) That is on a Windows 7 (home premium, if that matters) and 8gb ram and i7 processor. I was going to upgrade to windows 7 pro so I could RDP into the computer remotely, but now that I have thought about it. I will just wait until the season is over just to not inadvertantly cause an problem.
  3. So how about the other parts of the software? Most of this has centered on the sequencing. The scheduler and show builder function pretty similar to LOR? Stability issues? After watching the non RGB tutorial the software looks very interesting, but I would also like to know if there will be free upgrades to v2 before spending money on it. This is my first year, but I'm thinking that is what LOR did with S2 when it came out. I posted a couple videos on me facebook, and, as you can see, my sequencing was very simplistic this year. I ran out of time because I got started too late seq
  4. I may have missed it but what is the diameter or radius of the tree? or are you trying to use a ratio of height to width?
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]36730[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]36729[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]36728[/ATTACH] Probably not going to have any extra after I get done buying lights... (nice try though!) Put my topper and my light holder together today. This is before they got painted black to match the mast. I used a floor drain and necked that down to 1.5" pvc to act as a guide and not let it get ****ed sideways. The hooks are mounted canted at an angle so that they should be very close to full tension loaded with not much bending on them. I was worried about the PVC not being able to stand the mom
  6. Ok, I had read that post put hadn't thought much about it. I also didn't click on the links you had in there either. Wow, a lot of good information in there! Thanks so much for pointing that out. I reran my costs and the 80 channels was going to be around 1700 with the advanced software (no shipping in there yet) to 1400 for 96 channels with advanced software, plus 52ish for shipping. So yes that is a much better deal. I put one controller in there that was complete and 5 that you had to plug in the leads and mount the strain plate. I really like the DIY options they give on the PC
  7. I like your logic there. I guess I just need to get the 64 starter package and try it both ways. The 24 channel set up would leave me plenty to play with 40 channels, but the 48 would only leave 16 which means i would probably need an extra 16, but I guess I could order that at a later date if I thought I needed it. Holdman's videos never get old. Too bad he can't put it on his house anymore (or so I've heard). Thanks for your reply. It's funny how another's perspective can shed light on a situation sometimes.
  8. Hey guys! I am very happy that I found this board. It is always nice to find people with similar interests! I am currently building my first mega tree in the garage. I will set it up in the back yard when I get all the lights and controllers so I can have some real fun! I am going to run three colors, red, green, and white. I am planning on twisting the three strands together into one string and having 16 of these around the tree for a total of 48 strands. I was originally planning on running this with each strand as a separate channel so 48 channels to control the entire tree. Through
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