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  1. Joe, Check out the videos by GordonLights. The outline of his house was in in C6 LED's.
  2. TxLight

    LED floodlights

    There are. However, fading of LED Floods is not a universal yes/no. Some do better than others. (I don't have the information handy to tell you which ones those are.)
  3. plistumi wrote: At least in Texas, the meetings are posted on the web site for anyone to see. I don't see why California would do it any different.
  4. rmjohn99 wrote: There is a member of PC from Colorado who has expressed interest in starting a chapter. However, other events have pre-occupied his time.
  5. Better sit down for this one ... I agree with Greg 100% on his two recent posts. He said everything I would have, which is why I have not responded.
  6. Mike Weber wrote: Nope. Are you concerned about the distance? The LOR wireless units will go fairly far.
  7. angelbaby wrote: White Wire? Green Wire? Where are you?
  8. angelbaby wrote: White Wire? Green Wire? Where are you?
  9. There's always this ... http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=1306566
  10. There's always this ... http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=1306566
  11. I've never met you, so I don't know your 'tone' of voice when you wrote this... However, it almost sounds as if you are expecting them to donate, simply because you have an awesome display. Donations are nice, and it's a noble thing to do. However, sometimes, it just doesn't work out. Perhaps people are getting turned off by all of the reminders to donate?
  12. MS_Mike wrote: $30 an hour here. Of course, I'm in a smaller town, and (I don't blame them) no officer wanted to work tonight. They did send extra patrols by throughout the night to make sure I was doing okay.
  13. As annoying as it is to listen to .. between *every* song I have a reminder asking people to view the display from the other side of the street. Most people will move when they hear that. If they don't, and they are blocking someone elses view who was there first, I will say something.
  14. http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum54/19818.html
  15. Not that I'm defending the guy ... but if he didn't use store bought stuff, that means he had to do a lot of work himself. He gets points from that. Still had to do all of the sequencing work. Still had to put it up. While we might not think it's fair or right, I'd be willing to bet that this guy spent a good deal of time and money on the display. I don't have an original bone in my body ... go back and look at my videos. Nearly everything you see was 'stolen' from someone else. The mini-trees, the grid, etc. Amazingly, according to PM's I've gotten in the past, I was the inspirati
  16. You were surprised? People are going to copy people. It happens. There is nothing we can do to prevent it.
  17. On the upside ... I doubt people are going to mess with her decorations in the future. (and I am kidding here, people.)
  18. You ... folks ... remove ... the ... tags?
  19. macrosill wrote: You must have really hated it then, the first 6 months of the year when the moderator didn't even use a 'moderator' account!
  20. Don't over-do it. I've found people will stick around for the entire thing even with very simple animation.
  21. Given that this animation thing is relatively new, static displays were the norm when I was growing up. I still remember the display that inspired me to get into Christmas lighting. They put a small radio in the yard somewhere, and had Christmas music playing with the static display. I had to go by that house every year. The point of the story is that you don't have to be animated to be 'cool.' Your display is a perfect example of that.
  22. Could be the lack of sleep talking ... but if my wife scheduled a trip this time of year, she's going alone. (And she knows that, too.)
  23. Seems that a lot of people share your thoughts ... this person posted this display a few months ago as well. Guess he had no takers then, either.
  24. I'd stay out of this one. Let the neighbors fight it out. Sounds like some of your neighbors like it. Let them fight your battles for you. (Just my two cents.)
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