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    I love Christmas! Always put on a great display.
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    I always have the best display in the neighborhood, but there's not all that much competition. It's definitely really impressive, but I've never done anything too radical. Just a ton of lights on the roof, and bushes, trees etc.. So this year, my goal is to make one of those mega trees! Something that doesn't cost much, that's like 10-15 feet tall would be awesome! I have no idea how to though...
  1. I can't sync all my lights to music this year, so I'm not putting nearly as many lights up (but still plenty...!!), but I really like the strobes. I have 30 of them total (15 of them flash 3-4 times per second, and 15 of them flash once per second), and I was wondering what y'all thought of keeping them constantly on. I would have them high up in a tree in my backyard, so not too close to the front where the rest of the display is. With a music sequence, I used all of the strobes, and they came on during certain parts of the song (like most displays). Anyway, would it look ok to have some stro
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