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  1. So next year will be our first Halloween. I'm suggesting songs such as Thriller, Moster Mash, Adams family, and my fiance is saying I want candy. What does everyone use for Halloween displays? Thanks, Rob
  2. As Christmas is coming closer and the display is running well i am looking forward to next years first annual Halloween display. I was wondering how you make ghosts for your display. I was going to use our clear mini trees and throw a sheet over them, but how to you make a head that isn't pointy? Just wondering how everyone else makes their ghosts for Halloween. Thanks, Rob
  3. Ok, I am going to be doing a pixel tree next year. I am going to use 5v ones from Ray and it's going to be 800 pixels total. At first while figuring out power I got 48 amps to power them on white. I starting thinking holy crap that's a lot of power and couldn't figure out how to get that much power. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, since pixels use DC power this only is about 6 amps AC, correct? Thanks, Rob
  4. Yes, the left of the driveway has not been used yet. So it is all open.
  5. Looking at adding a pixel tree to the display in the next year or 2 and was out looking and not sure where I would add it. Going to be 16 wide, so about 7.5'diameter and somewhere around 14 - 16 feet tall, depends on the star really. Any ideas on where I could put it, I don't want to block anything. I'll get some closer pictures if it would help. I'm thinking though, i might have to put it on the left of the driveway instead of where the rest of the display is. Thanks for any advice. Rob
  6. We have a lot of Cat 5 cable around but I didn't know you could use it. You just hook up certain colors and remember which ones they were to work?
  7. Thanks for the answers, like I said I am looking for something that I can buy more local, or free shipping, because shipping wire is really expensive. I take it steve that you have had no problems with that wire when it comes to running RGB. 500 foot sounds like a lot right now, but I know it won't be once I start laying everything out! Any more advice on wire, please let me know.
  8. I know I will have to get some extension wire for RGB lights when I start building and then placing them. i was looking at Ray Wu's and while the price is nice the shipping kills the price. I was looking for something more local and found this at Lowes http://www.lowes.com/pd_162127-295-49276902_0__?productId=4326695&Ntt=4+conductor+18+awg+extension+cable&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3D4%2Bconductor%2B18%2Bawg%2Bextension%2Bcable&facetInfo= Will this work? or is it not going to work for RGB lights for some reason? Thanks
  9. I am going to do some dumb RGB modules this year for Halloween to make spots out of and was going to get the holiday coro DMX adapter to control them with. However, I am also tying to figure out how I could get some smart pixels to make a tree for Christmas and might be able to just use it as poles for Halloween for some effects and such. I was wondering if I mix the 2 different things if I would need a different adapter then the Holiday Coro DMX since it says 1 universe is all it can handle and I know smart pixel strips use 512 channels very quickly. If I can't use it, let me know what wou
  10. I have CDI LED strobes and never have had to drill holes in them, from what I have read that is in general with LED ones. I have a few Xenon ones left that I had to drill holes in because condensation was a problem. Not sure if it's just CDI that you don't have to drill or just LED strobes in general becasuse they are made different
  11. Starting in RGB next year and was looking at the actidongle from holiday coro because it is much cheaper then other DMX dongles I see online. I saw on here that it can only use are limited to 1 universe with it. What does that mean? Does that mean that I get 512 channels and that is it and with other DMX dongles you can get more than 512 channels with them? Guess I just want to make sure I get something that if I decide in the future to do more with DMX that I don't waste. I'm going to be using 42 or so channels next year, 9 spots and 4 or 5 floods. Thanks for the clarification on thi
  12. I have both Xenon and LED strobes. I prefer LED strobes as I have yet to have 1 fail and I have had many of my xenon ones die due to moisture. I think that the LED's hold up better myself. you would probably need more of the LED's for a quick strobe effect though, as LED's do not flash as quickly as the Xenon ones that I have seen.
  13. That would be nice, but that would require another box and I have been told no more LOR boxes. Adding RGB floods next year though.
  14. I've had a mega tree for a few years now and chose to do it in Red LED's... didn't realize that it would be so hard to video tape. Now I want to change to a different color so it is easier to see and videotape. I was thinking multi's would look good but I'm not sure if I should go with the M6's or with the C6's for the tree. I have C6's right now and it looks good but wasn't sure if either is better for a mega tree. I am open to something other then multi also, but I just thought multi would look really nice. Thanks for the advice.
  15. I was wondering if anyone lives around the canton Ohio area uses RGB with LOR and could give me a little tutorial after the season is over. I plan on making RGB lights and then controlling them for next years halloween display but am a little confused on how exactly to do this and I am a very visual person so seeing somethign would help out a lot. thanks in advance
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