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  1. Tom does your wife have a sister?
  2. I like change. I wouldn't go to the same movie, people love seeing what you create from year to year.
  3. Are you planning on repairing him. Steve Austin looked better after the wreck.
  4. For the kids and the little kid in all of us
  5. Hope you get well soon! Remember when your feet smell and your nose runs, your backwards.
  6. Ok I just have to ask. Did you put your foot in your mouth? LOL
  7. Never saved my life, but you only get a chance. Gfi or fry it's the law
  8. WOW ISN'T THAT A HOLIDAY WEEKEND IN A BIG CITY? Who would ever do such a thing?
  9. We are watching you 7 of 9 however if you were chinese you would 123,789 of 250,966
  10. I believe it is because all the Christmas stuff is made in china
  11. When I first read this I thought you must have forgot yours meds. Great post Have a great fools days
  12. Totally dude windmill, solar panels, and geo thermal. Plus methane from the manure.
  13. You blower molders are great thanks for sharing your thoughts
  14. Been there no problems, of course where I did that the ground froze in winter. Just be sure to number each end.
  15. How do you decide what blow molds to buy? As a kid I remember my parents had a Santa mold which I loved. Is there a guide or do most of you buy based off what catches your eye?
  16. Glad no one was hurt. Ladders can be quite dangerous, now let's be careful out there people
  17. Just remember what if someone walks though your display even a vandel, not worth the risk.
  18. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I go to garage sales with you? Congrats Hope you get your Coke stuff
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