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  1. I committed and bought them to replace my C9 incans. They're better than advertised and I highly recommend them.
  2. I used some flame bulbs from Menards, I like how they look. The effect can be easily be seen from the street too. They were $4 or $5 a bulb. I also tried them in the Noel candles, but at that point with so many flames my house looked like the entrance to a dungeon. VID_20191227_174725.mp4
  3. Seller out of Indiana is asking 2-4k for them.
  4. Better pics and prices to come. The paint apps look great, rather small, but better than nothing. They also have Union stuff from the past couple years, the North Pole sign is back too.
  5. Knight

    GFP Closing

    I'm hoping we finally found out exactly what molds they've had all these years.
  6. I just researched the Beco corporation, apparently they were located a few blocks from my house on 52nd and Kolmar in Chicago. The sleigh and reindeer never traveled more than a few miles in the 47 years since they were manufactured.
  7. They need a good cleaning but I couldn't beat it. I'll recreate the sleigh and antlers in the meantime while I search for parts to fill in the gaps. On EBay they were listed as "Santa sleigh with reindeer" with no mention of the name Beco, which is probably why there were few bidders. Thanks for the comments and Merry Christmas to my fellow blow mold junkies!
  8. On whim I browsed eBay tonight, and out popped the remnants of the Beco Santa sleigh and reindeer. It included the "jolly Santa and four reindeer. The reindeer were missing the antlers, but they had their mounting poles, Santa looks good but there is no sleigh. It does include the sleigh runners though. When I came across it the bidding was only at $51.00, so I tossed out a bid and won it for a few bucks more! I'll post some pics as soon as I pick it up. I was always interested in the set but the prices were way out of my league.
  9. Knight

    Light bulbs

    I use the same ones for various fixtures throughout my house, as you said they must have improved as those I have indoors haven't been replaced yet either.
  10. Knight

    Light bulbs

    These are the bulbs. They will be on an endcap by the ceiling fan display, or in the middle if the bulb aisle.
  11. Knight

    Light bulbs

    I live in Chicago and have used the CFL's in below zero weather, they achieve full brightness in about 2 minutes. I get a three pack at Menards for 89 cents and I use them in all the large molds, this will be season four with them, and I don't believe I have had to replace any yet. The energy savings are huge.
  12. I am more than interested and would like to see them. I am looking for red and green as I use 50 of those to highlight the minis on my tree.
  13. I have always used 3 bricks in my Empire snowman, and he has never moved. When it comes to items such as the Union "North Pole" sign, I punched a hole in the bottom of the base, and I hammer a broom stick into the ground. I slide the Sign onto it and its good for the season...not safe from thieves though...
  14. In the Rankin/Bass animagic Rudolph special, the Japanese animators found it easier to simply animate just the six deer. In subsequent R/B specials the animators really honed their craft and you see all eight. In "A visit from St.Nicholas " Donner and Blitzen are originally named "Dunder" and "Blixem" which are rooted in the german words for thunder and lighting.
  15. It is the same sleigh. They took an Empire sleigh and painted it green, it also appears that they darkened the red on Santa's suit and made some other slight changes here and there. The reindeer are clearly from somewhere else.
  16. I agree, using snips are the way to go to trim the bases.
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