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  1. Ill check you guys out this weekend. and even though im at 40% im still running the show, i couldnt put all that work into sequences and things and not turn something on.
  2. Well, havent been on in a while, we ended up moving to fenton, had to take down my display and move it, i have it about 40% up all i could manage in a short time frame. Already planning what i am doing next year though. the kids wie and i are going to drive around soon to see some displays. And i did notice a animated house from 141 near 21, it was in a neighborhood and we could barely see it from 141 but it looked good.
  3. im not sure if those were there or not, but when i make my diaper trip ill take a look, I also noticed today that walgreens had some lights on the high shelves. prices were high and not a good selection. If you find any of the lights witha controller on it can you let me know i want to make some mini arches out of hula hoops (thought id give it a try)
  4. Went to target to get the baby some diapers and ended up leaving with 5k+ lights ($2.44 a box 100ct white with white wire) .. Only issue is that I forgot the diapers so now I need to go back. side note. Target had alot of LED lights out and some regular but only in white and multi in 100ct, in 50ct they had blue also for $1.99 box -Myke
  5. I just got the controller and set it up here it at the office (i brought the PC ill be using in today lol) and my coworkers are now calling me Clark instread of Myke. This should be a good year. And the wife wants to add a nativity scene now as well.
  6. Its actually a older street, 4 miles from 270 almost exactly.
  7. Shakleford and Central Parkway. Ive got about 9 sequences im just finishing up, but wont have final touches till i get some lights going to see them.
  8. thanks guys, it should be a fun year as i'm sure im doing the right thing and getting started now. my first LOR controller is being delivered on Thursday.. trying to get a second but dont want to do too many channels the first year. Im right on a corner lot on Shackelford so it should be a great traffic area. Also i wanted to do a donation box for funds going to my church, does anyone know the legal rammifications on this? -Myke
  9. I'm in the county, Florissant area to be exact.
  10. I dont have any to offer but wanted to say hi as im also in st. louis
  11. ive put the word out to everyone i know and have about 30 so far.
  12. thanks everyone and Im sure ill be having alot of questions. First I have to build my small trees, star and small archs. looking forward to all the fun that is coming. Even though my wife is already calling me sparky. lol.
  13. New to the forums and wanted to say HI, IM from St. Louis (Florissant area). This year will be our first computerized display, only doing 16 channels to get the hang of it. My wife and kids are all excited and cant wait. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for a great site.
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