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    I love Christmas. How is that for a few!
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    After years of doing a nice all red, green, and clear motif at my own house, last year I moved in to help take care of my elderly grandmother after the death of my grandfather. She has always done multi, so I revamed her outdoor display. Six lighted garlands on poles, lots of battery operated, and some LED's. Basically making the best of what I can do with an outdated wiring system in an old house.

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  1. Hello all, I'm pretty sure this might be my first actual post (although I might be incorrect about that and I know I won't actually go back and edit once I see the number to the left). For those of you expecting a grandiose gauntlet to be thrown by reading the topic headline, you may be slightly disappointed. You see, this is more a selfish exercise, though it could turn into something more, I suppose. I just did not want to sound like a newbie in the title. Getting to the point, I moved this past week and I was considering revamping my display. As someone who likes to start planning for the season in June and July, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around what I want to do. One main idea I am considering is decorating with both multi colored lights and warm white/incandescent clear lights (not sure on the LED vs. IN yet, thus the /) and I am worried that using the two together would look poor. So my questions are: 1. How do you, my fellow Christmas lighting enthusiasts, think this would look. 2. Do you or anybody you know decorate with both, and do you have any pictures? Thanks, everyone! Merry merry!
  2. Hey brother, first of all, the arch took my breath away. Also, I am now one of the ten people who fanned you on Facebook! I read in this thread something about a Halloween tree, can you post pictures of this? I saw on one of the pictures of the arch that you had pumpkins hanging from it and I had the same thought about doing that with our giant Bradford Pear tree this year. Thanks in advance man!
  3. First of all, WELCOME!!! It is great to finally have someone local on here. I have been on here for over 3 years. I have learned SOOOO MUCH from here and I know you will to. I too have an older home with "old" wiring. That is why I built my own 120amp service panel and had an electrician wire it into our existing panel. If you have any questions feel free to ask I will be more than glad to help out if I can. If I cannot help, I have met several people on here to ask.

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