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  1. I am looking to replace the C7 on our wireframe train and need about 300 lights. I called 1000bulbs.com and they were very rude and acted like I was bothering them with my order. So I will not be using them and wanted to pass my experience onto others looking for bulb replacements.
  2. Last weekend we got these for $100 And then this past weekend we got all this plus 2 genral foam ghosts, 2 ghosts coming out of the pumpkin, and two gargolyles.
  3. Here in Northern NC we are being blown away with the winds. I have all out airblowns off; a couple have blown so bad they are unstaked. Luckily my blow molds are all on rebar or pvc, so they are just blowing in place. A couple have lifted off some but I pushed them back down. The Santa in the chimney near blew off the roof last night, despite all the weight on it. Hopefully the wind will die down by tomorrow so I can put it back up.
  4. We got all this for under $60. I don't think they had anything over $20 for hallowen.
  5. The Tarboro location is having a Halloween Shop again next Saturday. Then Christmas opens the day after Thanksgiving. We have not been to the Virgina location this year, but I think they open the first week in November. It's well worth the drive, especially for Christmas.
  6. We took a trip to GF today and got a few things. I am so excited to finally have a gargoyle.
  7. I called them yesterday and they said they are open to the public right now. I am planning on traveling up there on Saturday.
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