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  1. Thanks John! It's definitely something I want to look into doing but I was just wondering what type of budget I'd be looking at. These things look fun to set up and I'm sure they'd be very gratifying after the job is complete
  2. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to christmas light shows, but I've been itching to ask this question for awhile: How much money does it usually cost to put on an epic light show like Holdman's? It doesn't exactly have to be his - it can be any epic project you've worked on.
  3. Sometimes the weight of work and other challenges overwhelm us so much that it's hard to not get really frustrated and feel helpless. I feel that it's times like these that I need to think about how lucky I am to have my friends and family around -- these are the people that shaped me to be who I am and it is through them that I can continue to work my tail off to achieve great things. It's okay if something is difficult or challenging sometimes, because even when you fail, you are still making progress.
  4. Hi everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Eric and I'm a big fan of all kinds of light shows -- especially christmas light shows. So being that I just created a site dedicated to light shows, I thought it would be relevant to participate in the planetchristmas community!
  5. Eric Siu Light Show Videos - The #1 Light Show Videos Site - Watch The Best Light Show Videos For Free!

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