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  1. Thanks Jen. I sent her a PM but she hasn't been on the site in a week. She only has 2 post since 2007 so it might be a while before she sees it. lol
  2. I have 2 15 ft candy cane arches for sale. 150.00 each and 20.00 shipping. PM me if interested.
  3. Glad you found the site Cookyman.
  4. Mine says forums.planetchristmas.com. Matt is going to try and load the picture for me.
  5. This is crazy. I wonder why only some of us can see him. Spooky. lol
  6. Thank's Jen. I was beginning to wonder if only I saw it.
  7. Thank's Mike and thanks for the picture.
  8. I have a Patriotic Mickey for sale. Used only once for a few hours.
  9. It was sold at Big Lot last year. It's very cute and works well.
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