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    Animating for the first time in 2010 with 32 channels.
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    8,500 static lights, animated with 32 channels in 2010.
  1. I have 8-10 Incan net lights(red,white/maybe green) I can get rid of. I'll look tomorrow and let you know if your interested.
  2. Mitch, Where are you located? I am in Arlington. My show is also up and running. Lee Lee, Sorry I am just now getting to this post. It was a busy year. A very successful season. My first with RGB pixels( wrapped my window frames and garages). I am in Lynden and with such a small town I was surprised at the traffic I had this year. The show is down for the year but I am already planning how to enhance my show for next year. I hope everyone's show went well Ryan
  3. I live in Lynden and ran my first show last year. I hope to be up and running with 132 channels if DMX plus another 1000 RGB. Come check it out!
  4. Are there any whit wire warm white icicles? I can't find them anywhere. If Ryan
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