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  1. I use 1 spot light on my Nativity sceen and it stays on all the time. Now I too have Linus doing the narration and I turn must of my lights off during it except the mega and mega tree star. now the really cool thing I added this year was i tied a cable from the mega tree star to Baby Jesus and put a few strings of lights on it so it looks like the star is shining down on Him. The only thing I would change is anding a few chanels to is so I could make it like a arch if I wanted to. I try to keep it very simple so people will listen to the meaning of Christmas. I'll try to post pics later.
  2. As another Christmas lighting season comes to an end I just want to say THANK YOU and Merry Christmas to all! You all have helped me out so much over the past 3 seasons. As I transfer this summer to a new duty station I'm sure I'll be on here as soon as soon as we get our new to us house for ideals and such. Thanks again and Happy New Year! red
  3. Same here in West TN. Lowes, Wal-mart etc theres nothing left!!!
  4. very nice! how many channels you running?
  5. I hadn't either till I was messing with youtube and it popped up and it was done by the US NAVY BAND and since I'm active duty NAVY I had to add it to my display.
  6. Does anybody have this seq? I have the song but for some reason I can't find my seq. Thanks for the help! [email protected] V/r Red
  7. Looking for this seq. to add to my show. Can anybody help out? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas V/r Red
  8. I had upgreaded software on my laptop this summer so every thing got eased. I backed up all my files and I downed loaded the LOR software again from there web site with my reg. key. I have been reworking my seq. since I added a controller and now when I go to use the simple show builder it only shows the old seq. non of the new ones I have changed. What did I do wrong. I have tired to run the light to just the seq and the work but dont see them in the simple show builder part. Thanks so much for any and all tips on how to get this corrected!! Red
  9. I have LED C9 lights that I bought from Wal-Mart a few years back. Before I put them up I checked them and they were good to go. Now 1/4 of the light string isn't working right. There not burnt out but very very very dim. This is my first problem with LED's so this is all new to me. Can you fix it or do I have to replace the string of lights? Thanks so much for your inputs!! Red
  10. The Wise Men do have "Jewels" and the Sherpord has a iron sherpords hook and it's heavy. I got the whole set for under 50 bucks so I'm thinking I did well and can't wait to put it up.
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