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    49, been decorating all my life, and dedicate this year to my mom who passed this past January. She was Mrs. Claus.
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    Computers, Photo, model trains, Christmas Lighting
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    First Year, setting it up, going to try a 32 channel setup to start off the 2010 Christmas season. Ok, already up to 48 channels. My head is spinning, I need to go sequence!!!
  1. Working on the 2011 Display...

  2. Same here, I had one bad Tiac last week, LOR sent it free to me in a couple days. I did all the resetting and troubleshooting, but it was bad. It is frustrating, and something I will keep extras of next year, and I will be keeping an extra LOR controller on hand for this kind of problem. It is hard to have a controller sitting there, but what a safety net, so your show is not down. Since our season is about a month, a week or two weeks down kills the whole spirit!!
  3. Hi There, this is my first year of animated /synced to lights. I have done a nice little static display over the years, but finally took the plunge this year. Everything went smooth, here is what I did. Not necessarily the only way, but the way I did it worked, and I got a lot of ideas from folks on here and Light o Rama forum. I started in Sept, and really started planning serious. Drawing your layout is really important first. The nice thing is you can download a demo copy of the LOR software and import a photo of your house, and really play with the design of the lights in there. I have a pretty good amount of incandescents, but I started from scratch, and went All LED (with the exception of about 300 or so incandescents on a train and on garland around the door, and that is it. I got up over 10,000 lights. But the positive thing is that now that I have made the investment, they should last for a long time. A big thing I really noticed is how durable they are when working with them, and they don't break like the incandescents, and you don't have to play with unplugging and plugging in lights.. drives me nuts with you are working with thousands of lights. Another huge plus of the LEDs is the power consumption not only for cost of running them, but not having to have a 10 giga watt power panel service pulled to your house. I am running 10k+ lights with my regular house 20 amp circuits. With LOR, the lights are hardly ever on all at the same time, and also, when they are, I put them at about 20-40%, which they are very bright and show up really nice for static before and after the show, and that uses so little power Planning and getting help to set things up, and having a map where everything goes before help gets there, really makes things go smooth. I could not believe how fast my display went up with this process. Get a radio station set up with ZARA Radio, and broadcast with a low power FM transmitter (lots of options, just search the LOR forum or here) I bought a cheapie model off ebay for about $50 and it works great, gets about 3 blocks max, really nice. I promoted to my customers (I own a local small business) and word got out after thanksgiving and the newspaper did an article. Now there are crowds outside. The promotion depends on what you want to do. Also, I wanted to collect money for the local food kitchen, and that has worked out great, and lots give to the cause. Also, I put together a board, my friend did, and then I bought one, due to time constraints. They are fun and not too hard to build, but I think next year, I will probably buy pre built, again, so I can concentrate on other things, like sequencing all those darn channels!!! Don't underestimate how long it takes to do a song, really well. Also, don't hesitate to borrow others that lend their sequences for you to use, and modify them to your tastes and layout. Lastly, I set up a 3 camera security system to keep an eye on things. I put a lot of things out here for you to consider, and hopefully others here will chime in with their thoughts, ideas and experiences. Whatever you do, have fun, and get others involved to help you, it will be a blast! Paul
  4. Best lights around, and great prices. I picked up a few samplers from Home Depot, they flicker and do not compare to these quality lights. They are super fast at filling orders and I could not be happier. Thanks!
  5. Hi Fellow Oregonians! Hey Gang I am a total noob.. been decorating for years, was getting bigger each year, but this year I am in the position to do it big. I am going computer controlled with 2 16 channel units as my first year. I have the controller kits on order, supposed to be here tomorrow. I have a photo of the front of the house, inserted into LOR, and have been playing with sequencing. Put together a project time line and task list. It is a bit late to get going, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want and have it all on paper. I have a good friend who is an electronics guru (and farmer ingenuity) and I own a computer repair shop, so between the two of us, I am pretty sure we can pull it off this year. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I use a wheelchair so all the high work will be done by my buddy, but I will still be doing most of the other work. I am super excited to get started and really appreciate all the help these and the other popular forums have provided. With so much help, it has made it a lot easier to get started than I thought. Just a side snicker, I was ONLY going to have 16 channels to start, then when I did my layout on paper, I almost cried. Then I did the RIGHT thing and ordered another controller to have at least 32 channels for my rookie year. I am located in Lebanon, I hope to talk with some of you folks. Paul www.paultrain.blogspot.com
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