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  1. Ok..............ummmmmmmmmm stupid question. What is stacking?
  2. somewhere,I have a thread on what happened to me a few weeks ago while I was on the roof. A most embarrassing site to be seen.
  3. I am restricted from the roof this year. So I cant put lights on the roof..
  4. I dont think im scared of it,i think that it was just one of those days.
  5. I got the ridge line all done and the outline of the roof. As I was coming down,i had to lighten the mood...just call me tim the tool man. I think im going to be the talk of the dept. for a while.
  6. It started off great...........put the ladder up on the house....climbed up the ladder...(you see where I am going with this?) Got on the roof,with my tool belt on with my staple gun and staples. I had my box of lights that I also brought up the ladder with me. Everything was going great,had the lights along the roof line. When I was ready to get off the roof,I approached the edge of the roof where the ladder is. But before I went on the roof,I just had an uneasy feeling about going up there. And before that,the wife had sais something about doing something today which would had prevented
  7. I am going to start putting lights on my house tomorrow. mainly that roof lights and the outline of the house. we are having good weather up here so I am taking advantage of it. I wonder what are new neighbors will think seeing me put up lights so early.
  8. Well.just got back with my booty.P) I got it all for 20 bucks. I got a total of 10 boxes of lights,garland,spare bulbe,and clips. I got 7 boxes of the lights called: icelites. a 6 foot tree light sculpture 9 of those lighted spheres 2 boxes full of c-7's(solid and clear) And a few odds and ends. The prices were still on most of the lights,so i figured i got about 400 bucks of lights for 20 bucks. I always love a bargain.
  9. Was messing around on craigslist today and i saw an ad for christmas lights. http://nh.craigslist.org/hsh/762239896.html I am going to go pick them up next saturday. Not a bad haul form 25 bucks!
  10. Man Electrocuted Hanging Christmas Lights Written by Jason Kobely, Internet News Producer EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) -- Authorities are investigating the death of a 23-year-old man who was electrocuted while hanging Christmas lights in East Palo Alto. The man had climbed about 60 feet up a tree and was trying to throw a string of lights onto difficult-to-reach branches when the accident occurred. Officials said he was electrocuted by 12,000 kilovolts of electricity when the string of lights touched two power lines. When fire crews arrived on the scene Saturday, they found the ma
  11. It has been a very stressful beginning so far. First of all,I am still behind on my decorations. The past month,it has rained every saturday. I HAD planned on doing major work today,but it is 24 degrees with a wind chill factor of 2 below. And to top it all off,we are getting a major snow storm monday.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. And the neighbors are expecting to see lights. They have been asking when I am turning them on.
  12. Well I must admit i was so very stupid yesterday. the power lines come into the house on the corner of the house. very close to where I run my lights up the house. I need to find a safer way of doing it for I reach over and under the power lines. A couple of times, the ights came in contact with the power lines. I know i shpuld not be joking around,but I told my wife if she hears a snap-crackle-and pop it is only me.
  13. Oh, the brand of the strings are.....sylvania: a spiral elegance. And I dod not think about krylon. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:)
  14. Stopped by the drig store on the way from home today. They are moving to another location and they are reducing prices on items. They had a bunch of christmas items 50% off. Just so happens that they had a whole bunch of c9 bulbs on sale. They have green,blue,orange,and red. Last year at a yard sale I bought about 12 boxes of c9 lights for 5 bucks. Most of them have never been opened. The only problem with them was that they were clear bright white lights. Way to bright for the house. So yesterday,I bought all the green lights at the drug store. I am going by there tomorrow and buy the rest of
  15. I will be on my roof in two weeks putting up the lights. The first year I went all out,I waited to long and I was on the roof when it was about 45-50 degrees,wind blowing. Very uncomfortable.
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