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    Glen Cove, New York, USA
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    married father of 3 and 1 grandson
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    Christmas decorating, playing santa, fishing, and coaching youth soccer
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    Our display is a 500 piece blow mold display, with 1000's of lights and about 43 airblown inflatables. We have been decorating for over 20 years now. and the display gets bigger every year.

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  1. its great I would love to learn how to use it. where did you get the program from
  2. I'm looking to buy a ramsey fm100b. I've been out of the loop so to say for a while. I have one that Marty Slack built for me but he is out of the radio building business. I need one for a friend along with an antenna. does any one know where I can get one from already assembled.
  3. If you place your cursar over the number your picking, your telling the program what number it was . leave your mouse alone and try it. it won't work. not hard to figure out.
  4. This is correct. Use CFL bulbs where you can. You will save alot of power and the bulbs will be brighter than regular bulbs I have done this and it helps alot. although I have 14 Dedicated circuits running 28 outlets on my house and I was blowing some of the breakers. The CFL bulbs helped me out.
  5. I have 14 circuits running my display. Each circuit has 2 outlets attached to my house that run directly to my electrical panel. I turn on the lights by throwing my switches.
  6. Happy Birthday Chuck . Thanks for everything you do here.
  7. Way to drive the price up on the poor guy everyone. Maybe he's looking for a deal.
  8. Wow thats a great find, I love that bear..
  9. You have a friend pick up a bunch from a sale 1200 miles away from you. Then you drive to your friends home to pick them up. Ha. Ha. Chuck
  10. I would love to be there, But can't make it again this year..
  11. I have 2 lightkeeper pros, and the buz box, I guess I'm addicted
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