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  1. How are lights holding up in the snow?
  2. I am in rochester and about 90 percent done, until i get home and the wind will set me back to like 50%. I run 80 channels with video projection new for 2013
  3. Nice job what are the squiggly lights around the fence for (picture 3)
  4. Those look great, cutouts are alot of fun!
  5. I used the stick star method just outlined it take pictures if you can
  6. Planet Christmas I need your help, I am not sure if this is in the right spot but here I go! I am going to introduce video to my display and I am set for most of my songs but Wizards of winter any thoughts ideas or suggestions? Second when I take my video to full screen it shakes I am using windows movie maker any thoughts Thanks in advance
  7. I have a 2 foot star I took the 16 foot section of rope light and wrapped the star and then used electrical tape to black out the rest of the light and then it becomes an extension cord.
  8. I might consider going bigger with the words on two sheeets that connect. I agree mr. Priest that painiting will help maybe paint the background black or dark red with the letters white will make it pop during the day and the night.
  9. My sister bought the whole cd last year for me she paid like 60 bucks for it, email me at [email protected] and we can figure out how to get you a copy of the songs that you want.
  10. Check a building supply wholesaler, I got my for free becase they were going to throw it out!!! I have extra but I doubt I could ship it from Rochester NY to CALI
  11. I would love to see pics and get my hands on a set too
  12. Looks good! I am doing for my house in three colors it is time consuming isn't?
  13. Believe in Holiday Magic is like a 10 minute medley it is very Disney
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