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  1. Snowman is spoken for. $300 for the santa on pickup, or $350 plus shipping/packing cost, if I have to ship for anyone interested. Please respond via PM
  2. Not a problem, Mike. I'm a blowmold ignoramus, too. I just think they're a cool reminder of my childhood, and really don't know for certain WHAT they're worth. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Well, here's the thing - they came to me for free, but my kids really like them eve tho' they're a hassle for me. So while I don't want to give them away, I'm not the greedy piggy, either. I was told in the fall that the Santa was worth around $600 - like he's the holy grail of blowmolds or something....and I was offered $100 for the snowman in the fall. Those are my only ideas of value. I was rather hoping the market here would dictate the price a bit. If its too low, I'll just list them on Ebay in the fall. FYI - I'm in a wester chicago suburb if you'd like to come look at them in person.
  4. Please email if you are interested. I don't really know how much they're worth, but I understand the Santa is a bit hot - both are not common. Here's a couple of pics.[ATTACH=CONFIG]41668[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41669[/ATTACH]
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41667[/ATTACH]I aquired these this year, but have found blow molds and cold weather do not agree with me. I'd like to rehome them. If interested, let me know.[ATTACH=CONFIG]41666[/ATTACH]
  6. It turns out my children would not be happy to lose either piece at any price, so I guess they're not for sale (unless you want to pay enough to make my kids REALLY happy some other way - JK!!!) I am still interested in learning a bit more about the mechanics for the santa (is his arm supposed to do something or not?) if anyone can help me out. Thanks for all the great posts so far on this topic -Wendy
  7. I really don't see any reference to price. How much do you want for them?
  8. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, SHAWN!! The reason I stripped and repainted mr snowman is that there were several layers of paint on him already - so many that the light inside didn't shine through well at all. He's all better now - plus, I hand painted his eyes - he doesn't look quite so creepy anymore. I still just might leave Santa alone - I haven't decided.
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38523[/ATTACH]Here's a photo, right out of the trash. Can you believe what some people think is garbage?
  10. Saved him from a landfill last week, along with his 60" motorized Empire snowman friend! One man's trash is another crazy ladies treasure, I guess.... They both turn from side to side, but I thought the Santa was maybe supposed to wave his lantern, too? (He doesn't). If anyone can confirm, and maybe describe or post pics of the mechanism (which must be missing on my Santa) Also, I stripped and repainted the snowman, but am not sure about the Santa - he's not that bad. Can anyone recommend a paint which is similar to the Poloron red color, which will adhere to the plastic? Also, while I think they're pretty cool, I think they aren't real common. If anyone would be interested in buying them, please send me an email. This isn't really a post to sell, but if the price is right.... Thank you in advance for any info.
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