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  1. I use sleeves on my arches without a problem, now with the fact that instead of using say all white your alternating colors, this will minimize the chances of gaps being noticable Even more because of the color change
  2. I'm on my fourth year now and I think back to year one at 32 channels and think what was I doing. Watch the videos and can't believe how far it has come in that time. I have watched all of johns tutorial videos at least twice and have picked up a ton of info. I actually started from scratch and am using his methods to build a sequence to a song I've wanted for years and Just couldn't make a sequence out of... The point of budgeting time is important thou, with work, house, wife and kids it's hard to find time to work on it. But I try to include them into the sequencing and projects
  3. At 6am on the 26th I was at Home Depot when they opened the doors, got first crack at the shelves and got a bunch of stuff, best part is that she I check the prices on a scanner they were 50% off and then when I went to the register the cashier said oh ya ok I need to take 50% off of these because the system isn't updated. Was thrilled to get 75% off the day after Christmas lol. I certainly wasn't going to correct her
  4. Do what makes you happy, that's all I can say
  5. Papagayo, search for it on light I rama forum
  6. I have pieces of wire off of the bottom of mine where I have conduit clamps to mount to poles in the yard. During storage I have lots of cutouts and hand some in 2 areas of the cellar and one area of the garage off of nails in the cellar rafters and hooks in the ceiling of the garage. Leave room to store other stuff underneath them and over the years we found that leaning them against the wall sometimes led to warping.
  7. My dad built it for me when I was my sons age, we rebuilt it together a few years ago
  8. Been on the news here in Springfield mass, I think most neighborhoods have one Scrooge, but this wasn't really called for
  9. My little one is 13 months, and he dances to the music and starts crying when the song ends, and he needs To have his regular merry go round ride Your son is very cute, and seems to want to help. Maybe mine will try next year
  10. My son turned 1 on November 2nd, be moved into a new house during the summer, and i started a new job in August. It was defiantly a year that was hard to find time to sequence and build and get prepared before setup began. Can't wait got next year lol
  11. Wow that's great, I'm sure the kids love walking through it
  12. Here's a video, I know the feeling. We can't leave ours alone when its on as well
  13. Cool article... Were about an hour west of you in Springfield ma
  14. Came out great, I'm actually in the middle of finished my Mickey cutout right now as well.
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