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    New homeowner wanting to hang some lights
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    painter Rancher
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    to much led,s are sweet

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  1. You probably cut the tag off your mattress
  2. And that my friend is the way it is supposed to be
  3. Questions what's in the collapse zone? How much weight from the lights? How much movement if any in the fence? What is the size of your 32" base? What type of soil? Now lets get started.
  4. Are you concerned with using a indoor tree stand outside? I like the idea of your Santa tracker
  5. Yes but all of us here are. Welcome to the looney bin
  6. Nice molds. Do you know who made the toy soldier in first pic? I found 6 at a garage sale this summer.
  7. I really like the look of your porch. The snow also adds something
  8. Does that mean we all should buy the planet a giant bottle of Midol?
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